Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Day of School aka Happiest Day of The Year aka The Best Day Ever aka Christmas Came Early

If you could hear me laughing maniacally right now it would probably scare you.

Freedom. Sweet sweet freedom!

This is a first for me folks. I have had kids home for the past 7 years. The only sound in the house right now is the keyboard.

Now I love all my little darlings more than life. You know this. But getting them ready and out the door this morning I could hardly contain my excitement.

This one tried to cop an attitude, but even he couldn't help being excited about Second Grade! New teacher, one of his best buds in his class, being the biggest kids in school. Plus he got totally fauxhawked and knew he was stylin' in his new school clothes.

Cashman was so freakin' excited he couldn't stand it. He was eager for school, his precious teachers, and his missed friends. He would go to school year round if we let him. I know in his head he was thinking, "Finally I can get away from that crazy woman. She's been driving me nuts!" This is his second year of preschool because he won't be 5 until October. But no worries because he loves it!

And Sugarbaby here? Well, she is technically going to daycare. This is part necessity  and part for my sanity. She can't go to our preschool until she is 3 which of course isn't until next Spring. So when Cashman starts Kindergarten she will start her first year of preschool and do two years just like brother. The necessity is that I am working a few days a week and I had to do something with her. The sanity is that, well......I've got no problem paying someone to watch her the other days so I can have some free time. I'll post more on her awesome daycare later.

See the backpack packpack that is as big as her whole body? Yeah, the little angel was not leaving the department store without it yesterday. She threw a bloody screaming fit so I figured what the hell, freedom is in sight, what's a few extra bucks?

After everyone was dropped off this morning, I celebrated by running 6 miles. No kidding. It was awesome and so was the blended latte I enjoyed afterwards. Since I've been home I have done laundry, cleaned the house (and omigah no one messed it up), ate my meals in peace, and watched a movie. Life is good. Very very good.


  1. I am counting the days until this happens at my house!

  2. Fantastic and I nearly rolled off the sofa laughing at the first picture, Sugarbaby just look so darn cute with the packpack!

  3. The kids are adorable. Congratulations on the final step

  4. I know EXACTLY how you feel.

    Other than the 6 mile run - which hello? That's awesome!!

  5. Too funny. I used to tailgate on the first day of school. I love it!

    This year was a little different though.


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