Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In The Dumps

This morning I had a lovely 4 mile run with my buddy.

It was rejuvenating and I was on that high. One skinny vanilla latte later and I was doing really good.

Until I wasn't. A short conversation cut out all my happiness and brought me down.

I was really feeling like this.

And I was hurt. But I put myself in the position to be hurt. I knew better. Honestly.

Anyways, I came home to an empty, quiet house and I counted my blessings. I thought about the children at school and how much they love me and need me. How much I need them. How I wouldn't be where or who I am without them and my husband. He is good to me. He makes it so I never have to worry. It's not easy. Life, I mean. But it is worth it.

I sat down to read blogs while eating a leisurely breakfast. Mmmm, bagels with neufetchal cheese. I came across this quote of scripture and it just made all the sense in the world. Especially today.

Do everything without complaining or arguing.  Phil 2:14

Sound advice I think.

Also a shower. I'm pretty sure a long hot one will wash away all these yucky feelings.


  1. Sending you lots of hugs from here. You are doing an amazing job Ashley.

  2. i'm sorry ashley! i hope the shower helps and your day starts looking "up" again :)

  3. Hope the shower perks up your spirits. HUGS

  4. Fantastic quote and I hope your day got better

  5. I always thought that once you had a skinny vanilla latte in your hands, all was good with the world. :(

    So sorry you are having a rough day. I hope it starts turning around for you.

  6. It's funny how one short conversation and one small disappointment can ruin a whole day...I hate it!! That being said...I guess the reverse is equally true....one short conversation and one small victory can turn your whole day around. Here's to a small victory or piece of praise to turn your WHOLE day around! WOOT WOOT!


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