Monday, August 16, 2010

Grown Up

This morning I was taking clothes from the washer and loading the dryer. I absentmindedly threw in a dryer sheet and all the sudden it hit me. He is really 7 years old. Time has gone by so fast.

When he was a baby and diagnosed with eczema and I was beside myself that he would have to be slathered with special cream forever. That I would never be able to use anything but free and clear laundry detergent, dryer sheets were a no no. The doctor assured me that he would outgrow it by the time he turned 7 or 8. But that was so far away. I couldn't even imagine. So that simple act of adding a dryer sheet to his load of clothes and knowing that he is this old, really, and his eczema really did go away. And oh my how grown up he is and all the things that go with it. I feel like his party yesterday just kicked me in the ass.

But it was worth it. We partied. We had friends from school party with us. We braved the 100 degree weather with a cool creamy dirt cake. We played tug-o-war, egg spoon race, and three legged race. And after that a quick 30 minutes on the park playground. A great birthday party and the perfect way to welcome in the new school year.

He looks so grown up in this picture, it almost breaks my heart. Almost. I said almost. Now I'm just counting down the years until he can babysit.


  1. He's a handsome young man. They do grow up fast. :)

  2. He looks a lot like you in that pic. It truly is amazing how quick they grow and change.

  3. He is so handsome in this picture. My eldest just turned 6 and it seems sooooo grown up! BTW what is a dirt cake??


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