Thursday, March 4, 2010

Good Morning Y'all!

I've got a big smile on my face. Because my poor darling husband (below)
spent the
weekend on his hands and knees.

Ripping up vinyl from 1986.

Out of the boys bathroom. And lordy be I apologize for this photo. I just wanted photographic
evidence of what was causing the smell in this room. The cause was of course, that little boys
have very poor aim. They've been lectured accordingly that if you can't hit the target with
your gun, then you sit down and pee like a girl.

Cause mommy got new floors and she isn't about to let the pee monster ruin these gorgeous
pieces of tile. Isn't it purty?

And not only did the bathroom get a facelift or floorlift as it may be.
The laundry room which looked like this...

Now looks like this. I could kiss it and I really just might. It's that clean!!!
So last post for the week. I'm off to celebrate Baby Phoebe with lots of shopping, eating, and watching of bad TV with her beautiful momma.
And supposedly, when I get home on Sunday night the rest of my house will be shiny
new wood floors. Hopefully. Send up lots of prayers and Budweiser for my husband.
Be back Monday. Love ya.


  1. love the tile! good choice. marley said, "oh mah gawsh! What a cute owl!" to your header thingy

  2. it's puuurdy. here's hopin your hubs finishes without incident and he gets lots of bud :)

  3. Looks beautiful! You have a great husband to do all that for you!!

  4. You are cute! I'm just trying some flattery so you come visit me. It was nice to have a sober talk this afternoon. I am STILL cracking up.

    Tell SUMS that he does indeed deserve some payment for his services... {See W, I'm on your side! Now let your wife come visit me!}

    Have the bestest time this weekend!

  5. Wow - love what you did! Seriously though - I need to know someone who can lay tile. I have a bathroom that needs done too.

  6. Great job to your hubby!! Remodeling is such a pain, but so rewarding.

  7. beautiful tile! we're ripping up our 70s era bathroom floor and entering the 21st century next week. yahhhhooooo.


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