Saturday, February 27, 2010


I feel like such a slacker.

A blogging slacker. A running slacker. An eating slacker.

I only ran 5 miles this week. Sugarbaby is disappointed in me.

I've really fallen off the eating wagon. Especially at night. I need someone to come along and kick me in the ass. Please, someone talk me down from this. I don't want to lose these hard earned results. I don't want to relapse.

Whatevs. Enough whining out of me. Nothing to do but pick myself up and get back in the groove.

But the groove is so hard when your house is in shambles, your refrigerator is in the garage, Boy Scout chocolate bars are taunting you from the counter, and it is so damn cold outside. Aaaahhh! I said enough whining right? Right!

Okay done.

I will be a rockstar this week. Eating right. Running enough. I got this.

No more remodeling peeks until the floors are done which will be the second week in March. I'm headed out of town next weekend for a baby shower (yay Baby Phoebe!) so until then, don't expect to much from me. Not that you did anyways, just saying. I know I've been a blogging failure lately. It's just one more thing fallen by the wayside since my routine (and life) has been turned upside down by the SPRING 2010 RENOVATION. Ugh.

The end is in sight folks. Until then...


  1. Run! This side of the family has the genetic makeup for obesity. (among other health issues) So, get off your tush, and get back out there! You felt so proud and accomplished when you were doing it.

    Send all the Boy Scout cookies to me. Rid your home of "tempting" food, as much as you can.

  2. Don't forget your {drunken} promise to meeeeee. Peeks. Peeks. Lots of peeks! I can not wait till all this is done and you're back to your normal slackery blogging and not your reno induced slackery blogging.

    Have an awesome trip!

    PS Remind me of this when we're in the middle of bathroom reno hell in March. K? Thanks.

  3. Not for everyone but I go to Overeaters anonymous - great support, great help, and realizing I'm not alone, and why I eat (at night is the worst for me too!!) really helps. I'm new to it but involved in a related group that has been really helpful.

  4. That girl looks just like you!

    Good luck with the renovations!

  5. YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Take one day at a time.


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