Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Checking In

I'm back. Kind of.

I mean I will still kind of be touch and go on the blog because I came home to a house filled with sawdust. Yuck.

But on the other hand I came home to a house with gorgeous new floors. Booyah.

It was a great trip filled with much shopping and eating as it should be. Not so much drinking cause yeah, my hostess is prego. And I did take my camera, but... I didn't take a single picture. Bad blogger. Bad.

And also, I need a moment to brag. Cause this is my blog, it's mainly about me and well anyone who knows me knows how hard I've worked to get to this point. Anyone who has read this blog for any amount of time over 6 months knows my struggle with my weight and how much I hate it. I actually tried on clothes (in a store) for the first time in a long time and I'm pretty sure I scarred all the other dressing room patrons for life with my extremely loud "Hell yeah!" as I slipped on a size 8 and they were loose. Size 8. Eight as in two sizes smaller than I was. I have to tell you that size 8 tastes so much better than chocolate.

But it's not over. The exercise has become a routine and although my routine has slowed down due to Spring 2010 Renovation, once that is over it is on full time again. The eating needs to be improved cause having your house in shambles and traveling kind of makes one want to eat whatever is easiest and that is usually junk.

Huge pinky promise that the very next post (which might not be until Friday or something) will contain before and after pics of the living room and kitchen. Hell I might get all fancy and do a video walk through for you. But if I did that you would all hear my accent and make fun of my like my Yankee bloggy BFF Michelle. I tend to channel my inner Sookie, especially after a few drinks.

Y'all have a terrific week and I'll be back in full force sooner than later.


  1. Ha! I am so putting in my vote for a video walk through... just for calling me a Yankee! Promise to have a drink or two first because you're WAY more southern then. Aaaaand maybe, one of these days I'll have you talked into sharing some of those OMG you are SO SOUTHERN moments here!

    PS Did my text tip you off that I am freaking dying for pics of the floors?!?!

  2. yay for weight loss, yay for a baggy size 8 clothes, yay for new shiney, fancy, flipped houses, and yay for southern girls!!!!! super proud of you, keep it up!!!

  3. hurry up with the pics already! ;)

  4. Do the video walk through. You know we'd love to see the things you and DH have accomplished!


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