Thursday, February 4, 2010

Random Thursday With Pictures! And Sound!

On Sunday, Super Ultra Mega Stud had a birthday. Not a big one mind you. That one is still two years away. And since he absolutely hates to celebrate and wanted no presents or recognition, I just cooked for him. All damn day. Let me just clarify real quickly that yes I am still eating healthy and dropping weight and exercising like a fool, but I take a cheat day every week. Either Saturday or Sunday depending on what is going on. So SUMS's birthday was cheat day. Okay? Good.
We started out the morning with a generous and I do mean generous helping of Eggs Benedict. I nearly fell to my knees on that first bite. The creamy deliciousness of the yolk mixed with the hollandaise. Heaven on a plate, I tell ya.
Next you will witness the boys and I whipping up a Stawberry Cream Cheese Poundcake. It was my first time trying this recipe by Bakerella. And while everyone was pleased with the end result I felt the strawberries were a little too mushy for my taste. But the thick cream cheese icing took care of any doubt I had.

The boys were a huge help and did most of the work. Except the egg cracking, and the strawberry slicing, and the removing of the hot cake from the hot oven. You know cause I didn't go crazy overnight or anything.

I mean look at this dude. He's all, "Yeah I'm a 4 year old baking a cake cause I love my daddy so much more than my mommy and its his birfday and he's old!"
And can I get a pardon for the paneling on my walls. Just y'all wait. By the middle of March my house will no longer be paneling and will have new floors. Spring 2010 Renovation is under way and starting this weekend.
We ended the evening by making sushi together and threatening to make the kids eat it. Don't worry though, they had boring old quesadillas. Except the Monster. He wanted some sushi and he ate it all. Even asked if I would pack him
some in his lunch box the next day.Didn't surprise me a bit. The kid has grown up taste.
Alright so later that night it appeared that Cash was coming down with something. That something was fever, cough, ear infection, and pink eye. The kid hit the sickness jackpot. He stayed home sick from school for three days. I had a three day long headache.
Here is what a sick day looks like at our house. Bacon, eggs, and jelly toast. Yum! Oh and lots and lots of movies on the couch.

But obviously she's not sick. Just ornery.

Here's the mischievous little thing playing with her favorite toy. She has a
mommy doll, daddy doll, and baby doll. She likes to throw the mommy doll
out the second story window and put the baby doll in the bathtub. She carries
the daddy doll around all the time extolling its virtues. She has made her favorite obvious.
Kind of like in real life.

Have you seen her room in a while?

I picked up this shelf at the thrift store the other day for a few bucks. Gave it a coat of
paint and voila! New shelf for Sugarbaby. I also found a kick ass bench for $15 bucks
that I am going to paint a shocking shade of red and set on my back patio
for plants and shoes and the like. Pictures to come.

It's raining. Has been since sometime in the early morning hours. I bolted out of bed at 1am because I was absolutely sure I heard the front door open. I jumped up, heart racing and ran in the living room. It was nothing of course. Merely the heater kicking on and startling me in my sleep. Isn't it strange how you sleep so lightly after becoming a mother. I think that when I was young I could sleep thru a hurricane but now every little sound rouses me.
I ran 3.25 miles on Monday and then came home to torture myself with "The Shred". I'm not attempting to do it every day. Every other day or so is good with me. Tuesday I did nothing, if you count sitting at the doctor for 3 hours and caring for a sick kid nothing. Wednesday ran 2.25 miles. And today I am going to Shred just as soon as this blog post is done. I'm holding steady at 150lbs and if I can just break through and drop below that I will no longer be in the overweight range. On that note, I'm off to my date with Jillian. The bitch.


  1. I love sugarbaby's room. It's so pretty. I lived with paneling in my house for 7 years before we moved. I feel your pain. Here's hoping the renovations go quickly!

    Your workouts are inspiring! That Jillian - she kicks my butt every time.

  2. I so love to read about your crazy, busy life, it is very refreshing to know I am not the only one out there that has to live through it. I guess anyone with kids and husband would agree. I love her room, maybe I need you to come and do my renovations needed in my house. I started the Shred a while back, and I was doing great, and please don't ask me what the hell happened because I feel off the wagon. I need to get back on and start again, but damn she is a rough bitch to put up with. She delivers results, but still. Have a great day!

  3. I loved "it's his birfday and he's old" ROFLMAO! My husband doesn't like gifts or a big deal either -- no matter *who's* birthday it is. Hmph.

    Sugarbaby's room is gorgeous!

  4. I am so proud of you Ashley! You are kicking all kinds of ass lately.

    Pssst... maybe send a little of that motivation up to the OH please?

  5. I'm so glad you are back to blogging. Its nice to have a break at work and read about your life. And just this once, I'll admit to occasionally feeling twinges of jealousy. Your life is so different than mine...

    Anyway, the kids are adorable and its nice to have you back! :)

  6. The cake sounds yummy!

    Happy Birthday to your hubby

  7. Love the pics. Good for you on sticking to your workout plan. Her room is so pretty.


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