Sunday, February 7, 2010

I Am So Hungry

You guys are powerful. What you have to say is very motivational and very supportive. I mean you totally talked me into buying the skinny jeans. So I have to tell you something cause I know you'll understand and fix me right up. I've totally bombed on my diet the last two weekends. I eat perfect every weekday, but my cheat day has turned into two consecutive cheat days. And today....whoa boy. Cheated my ass off.

I know tomorrow I'll be fine. I'll run and eat great. But I've got to break the weekend habit right now before it gets out of control. Help!

*** * ***
I've got this idea to post pictures of the house projects as they are happening. I'm lacking blog material and I'll be busy with this so why not. Right now I finally feel that Sugarbaby's room is done. Here is the entire room from all angles minus the closet. I just forgot that one. It's white. Use your imagination.

The Master bedroom (which is tiny but does have its own bathroom) isn't done. We still need a new light fixture and some wall hangings. I'm severely lacking in decor. Lots of furniture. Little decor. Anyways, just got new bedding and y' is sexy! The sheets are like buddah. And they better be, cause sexy doesn't come cheap. Or maybe it does. We are in Arkansas.

Finally, the before picture of what I am tackling this week. My extremely long, extremely 80's kitchen. It has a updated stove and dishwasher and that is it. This week will be spent prepping, priming and painting. Then in a few weeks the husband is going to install a new floor. I'm leaving that weekend. My poor ears couldn't handle the installation process. He's going to need a lot of beer.

(in this picture I'm leaned up against the kitchen side of the bar. that is a lot of damn counter space)


  1. I love the owls in stella's room! Adorable!

  2. SB's room turned out so cute. I love it. Can't wait to see the "after" pictures of the rest of the house.

  3. I'm impressed....I've got a lot of work to do on my house and not an ounce of motivation or talent to do it.

  4. The nursery is freaking amazing! I love the color and the owls and the pictures of her on the wall!!!!

  5. um, hello, is this a tv show? Your rooms are PERFECT! And I know it's just for the camera (please god say it's so) but wow! I LOVE the new sheets and the room looks fab!!

  6. You did a great job with SB's room. I'm impressed!


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