Friday, January 29, 2010

Now With Extra Flash

Sugarbaby just wants you to know that her Mom got a new camera.
And it is cool.
In fact the only part of her Mom she is seeing is her body. It's like her
head has been replaced by a lens.
Also, she would like Supergrandma to know that yes,
her and her paci still have a
very close and loving relationship.
That is all.
Thank you.


  1. gawjus! I think I see little imps dancing in her eyes...

  2. She is cute, and I am glad you finally got your new camera.

  3. man, that thing is niiiiiice. She looks alive on my screen! And how cute is she??? ok, where's my pony?

  4. She is the cutest dang thing ever. Get the paci fairy to visit the house and take it away!

  5. Maybe my camera needs to break so I can upgrade! Such a cutie!


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