Thursday, January 28, 2010

Not That I Would Ever Be On Death Row.

I'm cameraless. Being that the Nikon bit the dust, is taking a dirt nap, will no longer be with us anymore. Surely its not that bad. Nothing that a grand couldn't fix, except the little sucker keeps corrupting memory cards. Anyways...its humble replacement should be here tomorrow as long as the impending doom of the ice storm doesn't stop the UPS man. I do love the UPS man. Or men. As I have several. They deliver lots of packages to me. Oh yes...they do.

Being without proper photo fodder to blog about, I'm stealing an idea from another blog today. Now this has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I'm on a strict "eat no more than 1200 calories a day" diet, because HEY! I'm down to 150lbs and that is totally worth all the self deprivation I'm putting myself through. I swear. Except ya know, losing weight is expensive. I need new clothes. Don't hate.

So here goes. What would you eat as your last meal on death row?
Here is my fantasy meal. Doesn't matter if I had hours to live or years. I would consume all of this without a morsel of shame.

Medium rare ribeye. Yummy juicy meaty goodness.

Loaded baked potato. Bacon and sour cream? Better than milk and honey.

Stuffed portobello mushroom. I prefer mine without tomatoes. I don't do tomatoes. Please include sausage and brie.

Dozen after dozen after dozen oysters. With lots of horseradish. And cold beer.

Fried crawfish tails. I could eat numerous baskets of these with that yummy roumalade dipping sauce from Cafe Rue Orleans.

Boiled shrimp. I will pretty much founder myself on boiled shrimp and crawfish.

Eggs Benedict. The BEST BREAKFAST EVER hands down. No arguments. I make a mean EB.

Cheesecake. If you don't like cheesecake I'm not sure we can be friends.

Chocolate cake. If you don't like chocolate cake there is something very very wrong with you.

And finally, chocolate milkshakes. Refer to the cheesecake and chocolate cake disclaimers.
And you dear readers?


  1. baked brie, fried calamari, charred rare filet with asparagus and hollendaise, fetticini alfredo, chocolate cheesecake, hot fudge sunday cake with vanilla ice cream, hugos or rotc fries, and bww garlic parmesan wings. yum!

  2. Alright, I might be on deathrow soon....LOL

    Anyway, my last supper would be:

    A McDonald's quarter pounder w/cheese

    Fries from Braums

    A serving of mountain oysters

    2 servings of conch fritters

    strawberry cheesecake

    A huge glass of Diet Coke

    and a final ciggie.

    Stop laughing now

    wow that is totally amazing and you deserve new clothes, after my latest attempt at a diet raising my cholesterol i now need to look into something different, my doctor recommended weight watchers, she says it is a point system and they teach you how to eat. so off to my next venture, if you can do it so can i!! congrats again!!

  4. All dat and I raise you lobster tails drowned in buttah.

  5. cool! well done on the weight loss. I need some inspiration! but how can you talk about so much yummy food and not wanna gorge?! You have some willpower girl!!!!

  6. Slouching off to make some Impossible Cheeseburger Pie for does not even begin to compare!

  7. Ribeye, medium with Bernaise. Sweet sweet taragonny Bernaise.
    Grilled mushrooms. Grilled veggies.
    Baguette from France. With butter. REAL butter, Danish if possible.
    And creme brulee for dessert.
    And wine. Lots of wine.

  8. OMGoodness......dare I this really good for your diet?

  9. Steak and a loaded baked potato would DEFINITELY be on my list. Makes me hungry right now!

  10. How is it that out of all of those pictures the only one I share a love with you on is the chocolate milkshake.

  11. Lobster, shrimp, scallops, friend calamari, filet mignon, chocolate cake...


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