Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Glasses USA: One Satisfied Customer

I have to let y'all in on a little secret. I am blind as a bat. No joke. Can't see 6 inches in front of my face without the aid of contacts or eyeglasses. Now normally, I'm a contact kind of girl. I have a round face and of course I like to appear as slim as possible so I stick with contacts. Also...glasses are expensive! You know what I mean. The lenses, the frames, all that just adds up to a lot of hassle I don't have time for.

Enter GlassesUSA. The lovely people there offered me a pair of prescription glasses to try out. I'll admit I was a bit skeptical. What if I didn't like them, or they didn't fit? I mean seriously, like I said, I'm a contact wearing gal. But never one to turn down an offer as good as this, the glasses were soon ordered and on their way. Here is the pair I chose. Very geek chic, heh?

I was super impressed with how easy the site was to use. Their descriptions, pictures and reviews were all very helpful in choosing the perfect pair of eyeglasses frames for me. There are even articles on topics such as finding your style or choosing the right shape frames for your face. My only complaint was that many of the frames I loved were out of stock. That must mean these folks are busy and their prices are right on!

Another plus of the company, they donate all the returned eyeglasses to various organizations who pass them on to people who can't afford vision care. I can stand behind a company like that and I loved that I was able to pick out my frames from the comfort of my couch instead of settling on the first pair I saw because one or all of the three monsters were causing major havoc in the eye doctor's office.

I was so excited when my glasses showed up. They fit perfect and looked much nicer than my last pair. They came with a hard case and cleaning cloth and I'm now wearing them just as much as my contacts.

And as an added bonus darling readers, GlassesUSA is giving you 5% off your order with the code MOMMY5. It doesn't expire so keep it handy and check out GlassesUSA the very next time you need frames.


  1. they are cute! and they do remind me of mine !

  2. How cool is that???
    And they look great on you!!!

    I wear glasses as well.
    I love how it gives me that "sexy librarian look"... well, in my mind at least!! LOL

  3. They look great on you!

  4. What Sharon said, but with extra rainbows! :D

  5. I love your new glasses, they look great on you, and they make you look a little different as well(in a good way). I wish I could have made the recent ladies night because lord knows I need a night out with the girls.


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