Friday, November 20, 2009

Run Fat Girl. Run.

Remember a while back I told you I was getting a neat little training gadget? It was an early birthday present from GG (FYI my b-day is on Thanksgiving this year yo! I'm a turkey baby!) and a real treat for a novice runner like me. See I rely on numbers to tell my my progress. I need the motivation of knowing I burned 300 calories or so on my morning run. I revel in finding out I've cut my pace by a minute. And truth be told I just love electronic gadgets.

This is my Garmin Forerunner 50 with Foot Pod. It's simple enough for a runner like me who only logs about 9 miles a week. But it keeps me motivated and hopefully that motivation will carry me through to more than just 9 miles a week. Thank you GG for my present! I am a spoiled spoiled granddaughter.

Since the weather is actually cooling off here in Arkansas and I don't want to give up running outside just yet, I got this Old Navy track jacket for $13. Booyah! It's light and made of moisture wicking material, so I can layer if I want and stay warm and dry.

For now that is. Because it is going to get nasty outside. We don't see much snow. More along the lines of sleet and ice storms. Which will make my runs not only uncomfortable but possibly treacherous as well. So I am contemplating the one thing I don't want to do. Join the gym. I'm not a fan of being around other people, especially while I'm sweating, but I don't want to quit when I've come so far. I just need to get over the fact and focus on myself and try not to be so self-conscious. I said I would try. I can't promise anything, so if you see me tossing around dirty looks at the gym don't take it personal. I'm such a bitch in public.


  1. dude buy a treadmill. or an elliptical. way cheaper and more convenient. i wish i hadnt given mine to my mom right about now....

  2. I agree, treadmill!!

  3. I just want you to know how proud of you I am! You have worked so hard and you look AMAZING!!!!

  4. hey, how cool!!! 2 questions: how far do you run before you burn 300 calories? how much does one of those things cost (don't worry, I'll go look it up, but they should give you points for successful advertising) and ok 3 questions, do you feel it's an accurate calorie counter? Based on the info you provide, how it works, etc etc?

  5. Fishbowl- tried to find an email for you but instead you'll get this lengthy reply comment. I go by a great training program called Couch 2 5K. In the beginning you are doing running and walking. Of course the more you run the more calories you burn. Right now I run about two miles and walk one more and usually burn 350 calories depending on my pace that day. On the watch you can enter your weight and gender and that goes a long way to determining your calorie usage. I love the software that it came with and the whole package was bought on Amazon for $80 which was a good price because mine included the Foot Pod (you must have this to track distance and calories) and the Heart Monitor that I haven't started using yet. I'm very pleased with the watch and based on my distance measurements and entering my info on another site (SparkPeople which I also love) I think it is pretty accurate.

  6. Well, Happy Birthday from one Turkey Girl to another. My birthday is Monday (the 23rd) and so is my twin brother's. Funny how that works out. My mom's birthday, like yours, is on the 26th. Lots to celebrate. I love when my birthday falls on Thanksgiving, and it occasionally does. It's like having a ready made party!

    Have a wonderful birthday and celebrate all that is good - especially your beautiful journey to health and fitness. It's no easy task... requires great accountability, dedication and sticktoitiveness - and you're DOING IT. Bravo!

    By the way... I'm not a gym person either. Never got into it like some people do. I guess I'm just not all that social. Instead, I have a room in my house dedicated for exercise. I have a treadmill, flat panel television mounted on the wall and a zillion workout DVDs. I also have a set of free weights, balance ball, mini tramp. I've acquired stuff over the years, but it's only been this year that I've actually used the stuff religiously. It's nice to have a small space just for working out. I'm lucky that way. But if you hate the idea of a gym membership, maybe you could set up your own mini gym situation. One way or the other the money will get spent, right?

    I do envy you your running. I'm too old and my knees are too weak for that kind of joint punishment. I can power walk circles around most people though. And even at 51... I can keep up with all those FIRM "Master Instructors" and hoist ten pound dumbells up and down the 14-inch high fanny lifter over and over and over. Ha! Take that you FIRM superfreaks. It hurts but I can do it. For now anyway. So Booyahs all around.

    Love ya Sugarbritches! XO

  7. i thought you were going to say that you bought a little gadget that yelled stuff like the title at you. that's what i need, lol. ;)


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