Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm Cleaning House....

Literally. Lots of laundry, dishes, doggy messes to clean up before our first family Thanksgiving this evening. We usually attend three altogether beginning with one the Saturday before. So while I'm cleaning and getting ready, I'm also rocking out. Here is what is on my playlist....

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  1. Wow. Your song choices...eerie. We are from almost 2 different generations and like the same music??

    Sounds like y'all have a bunch of holiday plans, and your birthday! Have fun.

  2. YAY ASHLEY THANKS FOR PUTTING THIS ON HERE!!! Where did you sleep last night was my fav nirvana song!!! I can see me and your hubbs singing this in the garage!

  3. Nice music player, I have the same one and Lofe it (as I learned to pronounce it in Italy). Love the Lenka especially - love that kind of voice - do you know Regina Spektor? And I'm gonna guess you're in your mid 30's from music I close? fun fun fun

  4. Actually, I'm in my late twenties. 27 on Thanksgiving. But all my friends were older and my mom had great taste in music in my opinion.


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