Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's A Mess

Folks, I need a housekeeper.

I've come to this conclusion after several years of cleaning up messes that I did not make, and realizing that there are people who get paid to clean up messes they didn't make. So why shouldn't I be paying someone to deal with this filth? Someone that isn't me, ya know. Cause really?

It's just getting old.

Laundry sucks. Like the actual washing is kind of fun because it smells good and the machine sounds cool and I kind of get hypnotized by the spinning and sloshing and whooshing. The dryer, not so cool, because I'm not a fan of heat. I hate opening the dryer door and its all hot in my face. Ugh. And don't get me started on the folding and putting away. So redundant.

I can deal with the dishes. That's pretty easy. Load. Unload. Wash a pan or two. Done. I'm even getting the Monster trained to do this one. Dusting also falls in the not so bad area, especially since I don't do it often.

But other things that fall in to the sucky category would be: vacuuming, mopping, toilet cleaning, sweeping, bed making, sink scrubbing, and window washing. Seriously, someone else should be doing this stuff. I don't have time. I can keep it surface clean but lord keeping a house really clean like actually disinfected and smelling good is tough.

Then I think I'm way too weird about people to have someone clean my house. I'm not good with people I don't know, not very trusting you see. Am I just supposed to leave the cleaning person alone in my house? And why did I just say cleaning person? I might as well forgo being PC and say cleaning lady cause c'mon! Who's going to pay a man to clean their house? That would be a complete waste of money.

So do I leave the housekeeper here or do I just move my person and Sugarbaby from room to room trying to stay out of her way, while watching to see if she steals anything? Not that there is anything to steal. All you crazies out there on the Internetz, I have nothing of value. Just way too many toys and clothes I can't fit into.

Readers, have you ever paid someone to do something you could do yourself, just because it was easier to hire it out? What are the rules of etiquette in this situation? And can you recommend someone?


  1. I understand completely your dilemma. When my girls were very small, I just didn't have time to keep the house as clean as I'd like, so my mother-in-law hired a cleaning lady. She worked hard and did a good job, but was robbing me little by little each week. I didn't notice it for a long time because she took little things that I would think I misplaced. She even took baggies of sugar, flour, stuff like that. I finally caught her when I saw a Christmas ornament in her coat pocket. Fired! I didn't have anyone else clean for me for a long time--no trust. The past few years I've had a friend clean for me...someone I trust in my home with my stuff. Much better. Good luck getting help.

  2. I really hate housework like the kind you mention, scrubbing toilets etc. And my husband is the biggest slob. If I had the money, DEFINITELY I'd hire it out! And definitely, I'd be home while she's there....definitely valuables would be safely away, not that anything would happen, surely.

    ROFL about the man-cleaner waste of money LOL

  3. I always wanted someone like Alice on the Brady Bunch. Actually, I wanted a sweet hispanic woman named Rosa.

    Well, a few weeks ago I got a Cathy. She comes two days a week and does laundry, ironing,some meal prep and basic house chores one day and deep cleans the next. She's agreed to do errands, and clerical tasks as needed. She doesn't know it yet, I'm hoping she will do all my gift wrapping for the holidays.

    I trust her for the time I've known her. Jake and I joke there's not much worth stealing. I'm home one day she is there, but I stay out of the house on her deep clean day. She does some things around the house differently than I would, some for better others for worse. We just hash it out.

    My motto is I'm a stay at home mom not a stay at home housekeeper. Loving on my kiddos is way more important than a dust free house.

  4. I sympathize with you. For sure. Of course, it's not so bad now that all the kids are grown or gone. Hubs isn't that big of a mess! LOL

    The only thing I've paid someone to do that I could have done myself doesn't fall under housework. (changing oil on the car)

    In your situation, I think it would be nice if you had a once-a-weeker. A lady to come in and do the really deep cleaning stuff one day each week. It's tough having 3 little ones.

    Like you, I wouldn't want them there alone. In my lair! I would likely stay home, but out of her way, with a few pep talks & cheering sessions when she finished the uber nasty stuff like toilets! haha

  5. Ummm when I was working we had someone and it was the best effing money I have ever spent. Now it's once every few months just for a deep clean. I'm lucky though, my step-mom has her own company so that's who I use. She's good. Plus, do you know how freaking fantastic it is to come home to a spotless house? Oh heaven.

    And I asked her... she said she prefers when people aren't home because then they aren't underfoot. And get a recommendation for someone and/or find a company, most people are bonded so you don't have to worry about them stealing.

  6. If you are serious and want someone to clean your house once a week you know me and my ocd self is all on top of that one lol. You can even call me rosie (my favorite will and grace cast member) lol

  7. We used to have a housekeeper that came every other Friday just to do bathrooms and vacuuming and then slowly but surely we found stuff missing and we let her go.

    So not worth it.

    And the dryer? I can't stand it when I put my glasses on and then open the door, I can't see anything for 30 seconds.

  8. I have not yet crossed to the smart side and hired a housekeeper, but when I finally live with a guy, I will (unless he's my McDreamy and is cleaner than I am. And super hot.) I only haven't in the past because I was too poor, or just wasn't smart enough to realize it was an option. There's nothing wrong with it, and I recommend it 100%!


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