Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Brain Dump

  • Okay, the other night I watched a movie that is totally out of my regular genre. I had heard about Fireproof but hadn't any intention of watching it, until Netflix insisted that I would like it. So I watched it, and let me just say it touched something in me. That's all. If you are married, I recommend it.

  • McDonalds, you are starting to tick me off. I go to McD's for my sugar free non-fat vanilla latte because its cheap and usually good. I know I bitch and moan an awful lot about our lack of a Starbucks but in all honestly we do have two coffee shops and the option of McCafe. I am really fond of one of the little coffee houses but the prices are just a little too steep for my daily fix. So McCafe it is. After my run yesterday I had to visit the eye doctor. I ran in McD's first, and I mean I literally went inside because the drive thru line was horrendous. So I order my sugar free non-fat vanilla latte and wait. Order up. It's iced. Excuse me. I wanted a hot latte. Ok. No problem says the lady. Two seconds later she hands me a cup of black coffee. Argh. 5 minutes later I finally have in my hand what I actually ordered 15 minutes before.

  • Today is my last peaceful day before the boys are home from school. FOR 5 DAYS STRAIGHT. Pray for me. And send coffee. And tranquilizers.

  • Two words. Oyster stuffing. Divine.

  • Sugarbaby has taken to talking constantly, although not a word of it is decipherable. It's complete and total gibberish. I'm glad she is taking that dang paci out of her mouth and trying to communicate, but 5:45am is not exactly the best time to be holding a conversation with your doll. I get to hear every bit of it over the baby monitor.

  • And holla! I have located a treadmill. SUM's granny lives next door and she has one that I can use whenever I want. I'm so excited and thankful for not having to join the gym or run outdoors when it is below freezing.


  1. every time i go to mc donalds i have to remind myself, "these people work at mc donalds for a reason" and sorry if this sounds gross but my mom always says it and it seems necessary....
    mc donalds workers could fuck up a wet dream.

  2. Boy, I loved Fireproof! ;) You know the scene where she's sick and he brings her Chik-Fil-A? After I watched that, I REALLY wanted Chik-Fil-A. It was Sunday. Bummer.

    Okay, that was my dose of random for ya today. ;)

  3. I've heard good things about that movie, as well, but is it overly religous-y? Which would not be my thing...but, again, heard good things about it.

    The starbucks near us has not been consistently good, lately. I brew mostly at home these days ;)

    Good luck with your kids home from school...!

  4. I've heard great things about that movie as well. Will make a point to watch it now.
    That's too funny about the "talking gibberish". I absolutely LOVED that stage. I remember Trinity used do it CONSTANTLY as well. It was hysterical... I wish I could have caught some of it on video! Mind you, she is almost 6 now, and still talks CONSTANTLY ; ) LOL . . .
    Good times, enjoy the gibber-gabber, it doesn't last long.

  5. It wasn't overly religious. Just enough so you got the message that is was a Christian movie, but not so in your face that you felt uncomfortable if that isn't your thing.

  6. oh I've heard of this movie too on that Duggar show....they went to some christian film fest and met kirk cameron...

  7. I loved Fireproof - my husband and I watched it together and then, of course, he got lucky.

  8. I haven't watched Fireproof yet- I want to I just haven't lined up an opportunity- being super cheap about movies- I try to only waatch them on the free premium channels we get or from Redbox.

  9. I agree Fireproof was a pretty good movie.Its been a while since I watched it but from what my pea brain can remember I liked it lol.

    Congrats to baby girl for the Jibber Jabber, Now her and Addie can have meaningless conversations lol.


    Sorry oyster stuffing doesnt sound appealing

    And yay for granny to the rescue!


  10. So you know all about me and my bragging, right?

    The movie Fireproof with Kirk Cameron is actually a follow (kinda sorta sequel) to Facing The Giants, also by the Kendrick Brothers of Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany Georgia. A friend of mine played one of the characters (Larry Childers - the guy in the wheelchair), so it was such a surreal thing to watch him up on the big screen. What was even more amazing is that the entire production cost was $100k but the movie made in excess of $10 million. I'm not sure how Fireproof compared statistically, but with it's devoutly Christian leading man, I'm sure it did fine.

    Just a little trivia for you.


  11. It sounds like you've got our McDonald's by mistake; I love oyster stuffing but can't get oysters here anymore; ditto our baby! Would love to know what she's saying, because she sure never shuts up.

    Congratulations on the treadmill!

  12. I loved fireproof but it may partially stem from a childhood crush on Kirk Cameron. Good message though, I read this book Love and Respect a few years ago which is really elaborates on the theme of that movie. I think it has helped my marriage

  13. Its your birthday too! We must be best friends forever. PS It's britney spears birthday in a week.

  14. I had to laugh about SB having a conversation with her doll! :) She is gorgeous

  15. What a fun random list!

    I really liked Fireproof. I went in to it expecting it to be terrible. I'm a snob. And I was really pleasantly surprised! It was far better than I expected.

  16. The cosemetology school is having a toys for tots drive on December
    5. You could always drop off gifts there, or I could get you a name of someone through my church.

  17. I loved Fireproof. It was cheesey, yet great all at the same time. I did the "Love Dare" that goes with it too. Not easy.

    Happy Thanksgiving and late birthday! :)


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