Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ask SugarBritches Questions Answered

Thanks readers. All three of you who sent in questions. Ya'll are the bestest and ya'll will get your ponies. Promise.

Anyways....the first questions came in from Michelle.

Michelle asked a few:

1. Will you post the Sweet Tea recipe with the proper number of dunks for us Yankees please?
As I've said, I don't have a specific dunking technique and I don't use the timer. Super Ultra Mega Stud does that and truth be told, I think my tea always turns out better. Basically, I put a pot of water on to boil. Once boiling, I turn off the heat and dunk two Lipton Ice Tea bags in there. I swirl them a bit and let them sit anywhere from 2-5 minutes. Depending on my attention span and the neediness of my children during that particular tea making session. I use approximately a cup and a half of sugar, put it in a pitcher and pour the tea over it and stir it up. Then I repeat the process with the water and the boiling and the dunking, using the same tea bags. Pour that tea in the pitcher with the first batch and stir it up some more. Let it cool down for a few hours then stick it in the fridge. Voila! Sweet tea.

2. Where DO you stand on Obama?
I believe in supporting our president because he is our president (unless we're talking about Bush). At this point I'm on the fence. I agree with some things and disagree with others. I think only time will tell, but that would be the same with whoever is in office.

3. How did you get involved in Fishful thinking?
Thru good old Sarah over at In The Trenches of Mommyhood. But I'm still waiting on my packet to start spreading the Fishy goodness. More updates on that later.

4. Have you ever met any of your bloggy buddies IRL? If yes, tell us about it. If no, why not?
Bloggy friends? No, I have not. I do have one IRL friend who I met on the Internet. She used to blog but gave it up. We met on CafeMom and lived in the same town at the time. That was close to three years ago and we still talk weekly and she comes to visit every few months. There are several other gals I would love love love to meet. If I ever made it to a blogger convention I'm sure I could. But then there is that whole thing with me being completely and totally socially awkward. That might be problematic. Oh oh oh! I can't consider this one a bloggy buddy cause she doesn't know I exist, but I am going to a Pioneer Woman book signing in November. Squeeeeeeeee!

Holli asked:

What kind of lenses do you use for your camera? Your pics are all so good!
Thanks Holli! My camera body is a Nikon D70 but that's not what you asked so I guess I should answer the actual question. Which would require me to get off the couch. So hold on...
Okay. I have to confess that when my camera came back from the camera doctor they told me the lens I had been using was damaged beyond repair. So for the past few months I have shot all of my pictures with my zoom lens. Which requires me to stand at least 25 feet away from any subject and is a major pain in my ass, but the pictures are nice and sharp, and the bokeh this lens creates is beeeeutiful! It is a Tamron 75-300mm Tele-Macro.

Mrs. C asked:

What is your favorite recipe that your mom or grandma taught you to make?
There are so many things that they made that I absolutely love. My grandma's fried cornbread and chocolate chip cookies. My mom's pretty much everything. But really the only thing that I was taught to make that is a family favorite is the Shrimp Salad. We all love it. I'm hoping this Thanksgiving I can learn the secret of the oyster stuffing. Mmmmm. Did I mention that my birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year? Oh so excited!!!!

And that concludes Ask SugarBritches. If you didn't get a question in on time and really really want to know something, you can always drop me a note. My email is in the sidebar. I like to be dropped chocolate too. Just sayin.

P.S. Michelle honey? Since you sent in the most questions and seemed to be the most genuinely interested and why wouldn't you be my darling bloggy bff, I have a fabulous cookbook for you. Drop me your address in an email and I'll get it shipped out. Muah!


  1. great post, so are you going to get a new lens for your camera?
    i want to get a dslr camera but they are so expensive, i have however recently stumbled across a sight called it was set up by cops and they auction off all the stuff in their property room. i saw a couple of decent lenses and cameras on there.
    anyway, great post, loved your answers and i love the pictures too.

  2. Fun post! I'm still trying to think of a question LOL but enjoyed these answers.


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