Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Suck On This

Sugarbaby likes to play this little game where she puts the handle part of her pacifier in my mouth and the business end in her mouth. We look something like Lady and the Tramp in their infamous spaghetti dog smooching scene.

She thinks this is hilarious. I tolerate this because it makes her laugh and something about being face to face with her makes me giggle too.

And here is where I step up on my soapbox about the use of pacifiers. To each his or her own I say. If pacifiers work for you and your family, then use them. If you never had a need for them, that's awesome but leave your opinions about other people's children and their pacis at home. The only person excluded from this is Supergrandma. She's allowed to mess with my children all she wants cause well....ya know, she's their grandma.

But you, random person in the store? I don't need your observation that she doesn't need that paci. I also don't need you to yank it out of her mouth in a playful way, causing her to scream. Playing keepaway with a 17 month old is not in your best interest. I'm tempted to kick you in the balls so you scream in the same manner she is.

Pacis worked for us. The Monster had his and it was the only way he would sleep through the night. It took me until he was nearly three to break him of it. I'll admit that went on a little long. Cashman was done with his by the time he was Sugarbaby's current age. But I don't see Sugarbaby giving her paci up voluntarily any time soon. Pacifiers are toddler Valium. Leave me and my daughter's prescription medication alone.


  1. Say it!! LOL

    I have really strong opinions about all kinds of childrearing topics, but at least I realise that the only people I'm entitled to apply those to are MY own kids. I mean DUH...
    and then yes, we run into other people who just have to interfere with everything. One old lady tells you your child should have a hat on, and the next one says you should take it off.


    My youngest is almost three and a half and likes to sleep with a pacifier. I just like her to sleep LOL

  2. m still has hers at bedtime, and im totally good with it.

    when she was little chunky turkey looking thing people in wal mart would ask me how many ounces she ate, and it would annoy me so much, like they were saying she was fat??? so I just started to tell people I dunno, my boobs don't have any gauges to measure such things!! And in my head I thought get your WT meth ridden hands away from my child's fat rolls!

  3. oh wow, while i too have all kinds of opinions on most things, i still haven't received my "mom of the year award" yet so i can't imagine trying to force those opinions on someone else. you should have beat his ass, and then taken something from him...jackass. why would someone else even think it is ok to touch her paci, gross. btw hadlie still nurses some, and bentley drinks coffee in the morning, i bribe them both with candy and toys and neither sleep through the night.

  4. Bubba and I play the same little paci game! He loves it when I hold the handle part between my teeth and make it harder for him to grab on to it!

    I'm glad I don't have strangers telling me about the whole paci thing, but I do get alot of comments on how big he is! Makes me wanna say, "Well, how much do you weigh??"

  5. Why oh why do people think it is any of their business.

    I tried, begged, pleaded for E to TAKE a pacifier and she wouldn't. I consider you lucky. :)

  6. suzanna, you crack me up! love it


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