Saturday, October 17, 2009

Take A Peek

A persimmon I picked from one of the trees in the mini-orchard. Supposedly you can predict
how hard your winter will be by cutting open the seed of a persimmon.
Folks around here are finding mostly spoons.
According to this we will have a hard snowy winter and will have to shovel our way out.
You can read more about the folklore here.

The first rick of wood of the year. Stacked neatly against the house right off the back porch.
We'll have to purchase many more ricks, but this is enough in case we're hit with a sudden cold spell and need to fire up the wood stove.

Things are looking and feeling like Fall and it looks like the roof fell in on this birdhouse. I would love to repair it for the resident flyers in my yard, but it is affixed to the top of a 12 foot pole. I have a few birdhouses like this and they are all out of my reach.

One of my jalapeno plants. They produced well this year. So well that I finally just quit picking
the dang things. I'm letting them go to seed and you can see by the red peeking through that this one is just about done.

Another thing that fell around here. This crepe myrtle just straight fell over during
the last thunderstorm. I think the trunk had been ravaged by ants but I was very surprised
to walk out one morning and see it laying on the ground.

My mums and their dirty planter and grimy faced jack-o-lantern buddy. The abundance of rain has caused an abundance of mud and mildew.

Since we moved in here, I've loved looking down the barrel of these pine trees.
Whoever planted them was very OCD about it, as they make two perfect rows.


  1. Cool pictures...especially the last one. I also heard the almanac is predicting a tough winter. Bummer!

  2. Pssst... I am sooo bad about responding to awards, but THANK YOU! And I luv the new look! Love.

  3. Very cool about the persimmons! I'd never heard that before---in fact I've never encountered a persimmon. Those are lovely lovely shots you're taking; the mums are a perfect postcard for fall!

  4. I think we all know that if it has anything to do with OCD - it was my fault. :)

    We just had wood delivered - I LOVE fall/winter time!!


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