Friday, September 4, 2009

Have I Ever Mentioned I Hate Exercising?

"The Shred" and the 3 mile jaunts are taking their toll.

I'm too tired to write a coherent blog post.

So in the mean time, enjoy these links, and I'll be back to regale you with tales of the county fair.

Funky Lunch (funky as in cool, not as in three month old cottage cheese you forgot about)

People of Wal-Mart (I couldn't help myself, hailing from the great state of Wal-Mart's headquarters and all) (thanks for the link Suz)

SouleMama (sometimes in my imagination I imagine I'm crafty and I covet books like these, then reality hits and I remember I can't sew a straight seam for the life of me)

So Wonderful, So Marvelous (I have a new bloggy BFF. Go visit her. Now.)


  1. Totally feeling your pain. By the way...still waiting on that pony. Wtf?

  2. I just started the Shred today; I know, a little late, but still.

    My body is shaking and it's been dreading tomorrow and cannot even imagine running. Well, I can imagine it, but that's as far as I can get.

  3. LMAO. Shredding sucks... it sooo better be worth it when you're sitting in your new jeans BFF!

  4. I love People of Walmart. Its terrible. Whats even more terrible, is I could probably provide an entire months pictures for that site just by hanging out at my local Wal Mart for an hour or so. Its pretty bad.


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