Saturday, September 5, 2009


I looked out our back door yesterday afternoon and saw these two.

Daddy and Sugarbaby went out to investigate.
But then Sugarbaby saw something a bit more interesting than geese.

"Look Daddy! A garage sale."

While the boys studied the geese, Sugarbaby yearned for the cheap DVD's, broken coffee tables, and chipped glassware that only a storage unit garage sale can bring.

The geese just ignored them and kept on doing what geese do.


  1. Cute pics! So did you guys take her to the garage sale??

  2. No. I try to pretend those storage units don't exist.

  3. LOL So cute how the kids are pointing in different directions. SB is my kind of girl!

  4. Susan- It was a cute pic. I can tell SB likes "things" already. She's taking after her materialistic mama who is trying real hard to be lead a more simple clutter free life. I'm not looking forward to the teenage years.


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