Thursday, September 3, 2009

She's A Shoe Gal

I've been carrying the same $10 clearance Old Navy hobo bag for the past two years. I only just replaced it with a $25 Target bag last week. And the only reason I spent that much was because I had won a Target gift card on Twitter a month ago. Point is....I don't spend much money on purses.
I like shoes. They are necessary, they get you where you're going, they complete your outfit. But I don't have tons of them. Enough but not a surplus. And most of them are cheapies from again either Old Navy or Target. The costliest shoes I do own were gifts from Supergrandma. That woman has a shoe addiction and taste to go with it. If only she didn't wear a dainty size six and a half we might be able to share. Damn her and her small feet.

If I had the money to have a fashion object addiction, it would be jeans. I love jeans. I love the way a great fitting pair of jeans makes you look and feel. All my jeans are bootcut, I wouldn't wear any other style. Once I hit my target weight, that will be my splurge. I really want to try the new Gap styles but it will probably be a few more months until I'm brave enough to face the fitting room mirror.
Sugarbaby seems to be showing her preference early though. The girl is taking after Supergrandma. She loves her some shoes. If it were up to her, she would wear them all day. She screams bloody murder when you take them off her and if you show her a new pair her face lights up and she tries very hard to put them on herself. This could prove problematic as a teenager because her Dad keeps a death grip on his wallet. Here's hoping she has tiny feet and can just mooch off Supergrandma.


  1. the pics are adorable! I to looooove fact it was my first word as a baby.

  2. What a little cutie pie! I just wanna squeeze those cheeks!

  3. Seriously she is super cute. I just want to ruffle that cute red hair!! Adorable. My girl has a thing for shoes too. I'm scared already.

  4. Awww - I want to squeeze her!
    (By the way - Old Navy has some new great jean styles!)

  5. MMM- They are cheaper than diamonds!

    theycallmejane- Thanks! She's pretty squeezeable.

    Kimi- Awww. That's sweet. It must be a girl thing. It's all so new to me after having two boys first.

    TOM- Be my guest! ON jeans fit me funny. They gap in the back. What styles do you prefer?

  6. She's my kind of girl. My daughter is the oppisite, she always takes her shoes off, and screams at me when I try to put socks on her. Socks? I guess socks are scary.

  7. When I get my new "Shredded" body, I'm getting some new jeans too!


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