Wednesday, July 29, 2009


As a commentor in the previous post put it so eloquently. "You're not wriiiiiiiting!"

Nope. Sure not. I'm not writing. That last post had been scheduled for a week already. I haven't written in a week.

And guess what? I haven't been reading blogs either! Ok, so I have read a few, but only ones that are really really important too me.

Oh and you know what? I think I quit Twitter. I didn't get on for two days and after that I haven't had the urge.

The only thing I have regularly checked is comments here (though I'm not sure how I'm supposed to get those without new material) and my Facebook (and only that because I'm hooked on some stupid farming game).

Obviously my rut/funk/blah hasn't gotten any better. It's actually gotten so bad I've considered scrapping the blog altogether and only using the internet for checking my email, checking the weather, checking my calorie intake, and checking up on people.

I'm just tired of it ya'll. Tired of worrying how many times I post. Tired of promoting Swoon (which by the way there is a great giveaway going on over there). Tired of wishing I had more readers. Tired of feeling tied to the computer all day so I don't miss a thing.

I think I just might be done.


  1. Tomorrow will be a better should check out the number of readers I get, now that will depress you !!

  2. Me tooo.....I have 2 followers. I pretty much have an online diary:) You sound just like me. Only I have no life so I have to check the computer (twitter is boring) and I'm addicted to Farm town too:) Just take a break....Why do something if it's bumming you out? You'll get inspired again.

  3. Oh no you don't. But I feel the same I guess--blogging is work really; not always fun, and it is time-consuming.

    Maybe it's summer; we're all slowing down. Maybe? But I've done the same thing on Twitter... I don't think I've been on there for weeks. D'oh!

  4. oh you will come out of this .We all go through phases and REMEMBER you do have 3 kids, a husband, and a friend who invades your space with her 2 kids on top of 4 twilight book I would say your just busy lol

  5. We all have our days. I was teasing because I enjoy clicking over here and checking out your humor.

    Of course, I'm not into the how many comments - though some would be nice, or how many followers, and I certainly promote nothing....

  6. I think we all go through this. Personally I love to blog. I get to vent. Even if no one reads it I get it out of my head. Take a break, enjoy doing other things. I will say I love coming here and reading your post. I do not twitter either but I do facebook to keep track of friends...

  7. you know i love you.
    and you also know i have no filter and find it necessary to always share my opinions no matter how many times somebody tells me they are like booty-holes.

    so pretty please don't take it the wrong way, and if you do take it the wrong way, you can bust my butt (assuming i dont have any incidents on the drive down), put me in time out, and make me drink the red wine the next time i come down.

    you are super, super smart. you are intellectual, educated, well-spoken, and cultured. (not to mention fun and huge boobed, just thought id throw that in there)

    you need to put this to use, whether it be writing or something else. I'm not saying that being super mom and wife isn't wonderful, fulfilling, and totally commendable (you rock at this too, btw) but your brain is sad, your brain is depressed. your brain wants more stimulation, to be challenged. i have found most girls dont have a mind, you are lucky to have a real good one.

    just my diagnosis, which prob dosnt matter much considering the current shit storm that is my life. dont publish the comment if you dont want to. i was just too lazy to go email you after i read this, why it is not a "comment" it is a novel.

  8. I think it might be the summer. It was much easier for me to write and come up with stuff when there wasn't so much other stuff going on.

    I hope you stick around!

    Oh and my word verification is "scrub" - do I smell?

  9. Thanks everyone. Ya'll brightened my day and along with a glass of wine I decided it will all be okay. Although I am still thinking of disbanding my shopping blog and removing ads from this one.

  10. blogging comes and goes for me in spurts- moving freed me up from the computer desk and wow. How nice to participate in the summer- not view it from behind a camera lens- seriously, I think i took maybe 10 pictures all summer (excluding birthday parties). But I am starting to get that itch- once the air gets cooler and the girls are in school I know I'll want to do it- so that's why I 'm starting the new blog. i took a longer break a few years back too. every now and then I just get burnt. it's the reading other blogs that does it for me. it's a time drain but there is so much creativity out there i want to read every one!

    i've cut WAYyy back on twitter too.


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