Friday, July 31, 2009

What Did He Think Was Going To Happen?

Alright so that last post may have been a little dramatic.

The cloud seems to have dissipated a bit. Not saying the blog block has, but at least my mood has improved. A little. Don't be getting your hopes up. There is no evidence of sunshine and rainbows shooting out my arse. Course if that was the case it would be awesome cause surely I would make a million dollars being a side show freak.

Okay. So here is my issue today. I've been dieting for oh now what 10 years? Actually just the past 6 months or so and I would like to report that it is going quite well. The weight is coming off, slowly but surely. Everyone in my immediate family knows I'm trying to watch what I eat. They also know of my chocolate addiction. If it is chocolate and in a half mile radius I WILL EAT IT. I don't care if you have dibs on it or its been laying on the floor for a half day I WILL EAT IT. I solve this problem by never buying the stuff. We don't keep chocolate candy, Little Debbies, Hostess Cakes, chocolate chip cookies, semi-sweet baking chips, chocolate ice cream, or chocolate syrup in the house. In addition we keep no chips or other junk food. My kids snack on graham crackers, pretzels, raisins, nuts, fruit, and yogurt.

So you would think that I'm in a safe zone at home. Since its not here, I can't eat it and therefore I can't sabotage my diet. Unfortunately every now and then the hubby gets a craving and since he works at a grocery store, he will come home with a whole bag full of goodies he intends all for himself. The other night it was cream cheese danishes and a Kit Kat. The danishes I passed up because I'm not going to waste calories on danish no matter how good they taste. But once I saw the Kit Kat it was all over with. That chocolate was mine! All mine. And then after I ate it, the guilt set in. So I turned to the hubby and asked him exactly why he thought it was okay to bring the one thing I can't resist in to the house. He asked why I didn't have the willpower not to eat it. He speculated that it really wasn't that hard to leave it alone because if I really wanted to lose weight and was committed being around chocolate shouldn't be a problem for me. Ummmm wrong. BECAUSE IT'S CHOCOLATE YOU JACKASS! It's like denying a man a drink of water in the desert. Equivalent to putting a glass of premium whiskey in front of an alcoholic. Setting a t-bone in front of a hungry dog and telling him not to eat it. You're going to get your hand bit off if you bring home chocolate and try to keep it away from me.

So as I said, I ate it. And I felt guilty. Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me that attacks any and all chocolate?


  1. I completely get it. I have even went so far as to research it in the past... I'll share a couple pieces of that research [bracketed words are mine.]

    ...among women, chocolate is reported as the food craved most often, and it's craved with such intensity that researchers believe it can also be an emotionally charged experience. [DUH!]

    ... they found that for the high craver chocolate evokes both positive and negative moods, creating a type of internal conflict [DUH!]

    [soo...] Chocolate is made up of chemicals associated with mood, emotion AND addiction.

    [and if that was not enough]...

    Phenylethylamine is a chemical found in the body that is similar to amphetamine. It helps mediate feelings of giddiness, attraction, euphoria and excitement. Researchers believe phenylethylamine causes the brain to release mesolimbic dopamine in the pleasure centers of the brain, which peaks during an ORGASM.

    [No wonder we like the stuff?!]

  2. I could have written this. I SO could have written this. My husband and kids are junk-food addicts; I buy all the groceries so our house has skim milk, yogurt, baby carrots, lean chicken etc. Then whats-his-name stops at the gas station on the way home and suddenly I'm surrounded by cookies, chocolates, tortilla chips, everything. When I met him I was a size 6 and had always been. I'm now (after eleven years of dieting and daily walks) a size 12 in good times and size 16 in bad.

    I hate it, hate it, hate it. I'd love to go away to 'fat camp' for several weeks to get away and get right. We'd have the money (I tell him) if he hadn't spent it all on chocolate and cokes and crap! LOL I should just go ahead and order the size 16 casket.... *sigh*

  3. Well chocolate is not my t-bone steak, or bottle of whiskey, or even my glass of water in the desert. I am one of those few people/woman that does NOT like chocolate. I do eat it every so often, but it's only if I have a craving for something sweet and there is nothing else around.

    Fried food, that is my weakness. Sweets, another weakness.

    Fried sweets...HEAVEN!!

  4. Expressor-Nice to know that there is actually proof of chocoholism.

    Susan- It's all the husbands fault. All the time,every time. I live by that motto.

    Shauna- So I'm guessing we need to keep the funnel cake away from you?

  5. i like things of the fried and dipped in ranch variety.

    and beer. I <3 beer in a bad way.

    chocolate is great, but fried ranchy things and booze are my demons.

  6. i say me and you,your closet with a bag of choc chips see you at midnight lol..Sorry I am never any help for you.I am here to insert humor into your life when all hope is gone. You are looking AMAZING! I dont think half a kit kat is going to kill you. STOP BEING SO HARD ON YOURSELF

  7. *raises hand*
    Me too! Chocolate is my downfall.


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