Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Whole Different Spin On Things

Hmmm...so I got some crickets from that previous post and some real life flack from Supergrandma. Who by the way should start her own blog just to offset mine. That's a challenge woman!

Religion was not a big thing when I was growing up and I can recall on more than one occasion SG saying that she didn't need to get all dressed up to go hang out with people she didn't know, inside a cramped building just to get to Heaven. She was much happier believing that sitting on the back porch early on Sunday morning was enough worship for her and brought her closer to whatever it is she believes in. Which isn't God in a biblical sense. More like a creator, but not the all seeing, all knowing, supreme being that Christianity encompasses.

I've had a lot of faith related questions over the years and I have attended numerous churches for short stints. I got some satisfaction and a sense of well being from from some of these churches, others, not so much. I, like Supergrandma, think that one can worship where ever they choose and in any way they see fit. I posed the question to a friend that went to a Christian academy, "Will I go to Heaven, even though I don't attend worship regularly. I'm a good person, I've committed no major sins, so surely God is merciful and I'll go to Heaven even though I don't want to go to church, right?"

"Absolutely Not!" she told me.

Well that burst my bubble. And it still weighs on my mind to this day.

Another thing that bothers me is the fact that I'm not baptized. I think I might be the only one in the family who isn't. In regards to my previous post regarding Baptists themselves, it might be prudent to point out that my paternal grandfather was a Baptist preacher. That in itself is a whole 'nother set of issues trickling down to my father and his shady dealings all through his life. So on one side the Baptists, on the other a Catholic and an Episcopalian. Even Supergrandma was baptized, so why wasn't I as a child? Before it became an awkward thing for me to want. Compounded by the fact I couldn't conceive of doing it in front of everyone. I'd want it to be like confession, shrouded in mystery and anonymity. Just me and my priest.

To be truthful, I didn't intend this post to be about religion past the first paragraph. That was just to be the basis about a discussion on motherhood, overpopulation and why if you chose not to have children that was fine by me cause I had overpopulated already and had taken care of replacing you. Or maybe Nadya Suleman took care of that.

Maybe I'll get to that post later, or maybe not. I'm going to go sit on my back porch now and talk to the birds.

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  1. My mom always said, "Why do I have to go praise the lord with a bunch of assholes, when I can do it just fine in my backyard. With a mimosa."

    I am excited bout this weekend, too!


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