Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm A Dem

I want to be able to just casually say, "Yeah, I'm a Catholic-Democrat* know." After that an awkward silence would ensue and the person I was talking with would just sidle away.

Why do I want to be able to say that? I'm tired of just being a Democrat. I want a more officious title. Or I just live deep in the heart of Republican Baptist country and everywhere I turn someone is bashing Democrats. They don't go so far as to bash the Catholics but you know they're thinking it.

It's kind of exhausting living in such an excluded area where everyone shares the same religion and political affiliation. In our county, something like 200+ Obama yard signs were stolen during the campaign. I can't go to the local cafe without someone spouting off for the whole place to hear, that Obama is a terrorist. It's like people around here have Turret's but instead of cussing, its all lies about our president. I'm not so political or patriotic, but I can't help but be a little embarrassed for these people that they have no sense of how to act in public or how to support our elected President. I couldn't stand Bush, hated him with the heat of a thousand suns, but I would never be so crass as to talk about things I am not an expert on to people who don't want to hear it to begin with.

And this topic isn't along my usual lines of posting. I don't talk politics because my views differ from all my neighbors, my hubby's family, basically anyone I see in this hamlet we live in. I am respectful and listen and appreciate it when someone knows what they are talking about, and some of them do. But really, I think I need that extra little dose of religion to ostracize myself even further from the locals. I'm turning into a hermit and I kind of like it that way. A Democratic Catholic Hermit. I think I'll go to Mass on Sunday.

*Or would it be a Democratic Catholic? We'd have to consult GG on this one since she's got both those bases covered. I think? (You are Catholic right?)


  1. dude, its not much better in grand old f town too (although my mother is a catholic democrat) lets have us some deep convo this weekend somewhere in public and make everyone else feel much meaner than you i believe!

  2. my obama sign got ganked too before election...people are always going to bitch about something, or everything. i am not sure you will ever win. especially in good ol' arkansas

  3. Wow. Interesting post! I have nieces and nephews in America and they're divided now over Obama/Bush, and to be honest it's the Bush faction that comes across as vitriolic and intolerant in their case. I just hope for the best there.

    Good luck, anyhow--enjoy Mass!


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