Thursday, March 19, 2009

Linoleum Sucks: A Haiku

twenty year old stains
vinyl linoleum taunts
my mop refuses


  1. Excellent! the floor and the mop as characters, I love this.

    We have a linoleum floor in our 'big room' (dining room/living room/entryway) and it's a disgrace; it has holes in it and is chipping away at the edges. We bought wood laminate to put down, but jeez finding a child-free day to lay it down? *sigh*

    So yes, I feel your lino-pain...

  2. feeling your disdain
    white tile utterly wrong
    boys problem not mine

    yours is way better but i wanted to join the fun! i could do those all day

  3. Do you have any "cheap" ideas to get rid of it?? I have the same crappy problem!! UGH.


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