Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Room for My Girl

Sugarbaby wants to show you her brand spankin' new digs.
But first, she wants you to see what it once was so you can appreciate all the hard work her parents she put into it.

No carpet, eewwwww!

Closet full of brother's clothes. What happened to the doors and why do they look so 80's?

Plain white walls. So borrrrring.

And then.......

Brand new bed, periwinkle walls, beautiful birdie mobile.

Freshly painted bookcase, brand new roman blinds.

Refinished closet doors.

Cozy little corner for toys.
fyi: the carpet is not PINK. It is cream. It appears pink in these pics and I just wanted to clear that up.

Refinished door.

Sugarbaby's seal of approval!


  1. cute room, even cuter baby!!! you guys did awesome!!

  2. Beautiful! She's sooooo cute peeking over her crib rail, and the whole room is lovely.

    We're redoing the house too--ugh, the work. It's so nice to see someone's finished rooms: congratulations!

  3. Great job on the room!! Enjoy the peace and quiet and the PRIVACY!!


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