Friday, March 27, 2009

One More Reason For Me to Be Up At Night

Tonight the hubby and I have a date. A date with a puppy. An adorable black and white fluffball just waiting to be taken home.

Yes...we are going there again.

Again? some of you might ask. Well if you don't remember our previous experience with our last puppy, reference here when we got him, here when we lost him, here when we got him back and if I forgot to post about it, shortly after that we found him a good home where all he does is hang out with other dogs and ignore his humans constantly.

Then there was HoneyChile'. She was a sweet, albeit extremely ugly, little stray lapdog that wandered up to me when I was out walking and followed me home. She was also very very very pregnant and quite the little hoochie. She stayed for three days and then moved on.

As far as pets go, these fiascoes have had me kind of down. I miss Truk. He was a wonderful dog and even though its been nearly 6 months since he died, I still expect him to run up to me every time I get out of the truck or walk outside. Ever since my mom got our first Aussie, they have been the only breed of dog I'm interested in. I've had two since that first one, Jones (who is still alive and kicking and living with the ex.), and Truk. The hubby fell hard for them too. Truk was his best bud and on more than one occasion I'd happen upon them having a conversation. Hubby spilling his guts and Truk sitting patiently with head cocked, listening. Not to mention how good he was with the boys. We got him right before Cashman turned one year and I could always trust him with them at any time. He'd never hurt the boys but he was still a good guard dog, he wouldn't let anyone around the back of our house unless he knew them. A stranger could knock on the front door without a problem but if they tried to pass the garage he'd stop them. You can probably tell how much I miss him with all this rambling. I'll get to the point, I promise.

The point is we are getting a new puppy today. A Australian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees cross. 10 weeks old. I am so excited and I will be sure and post pics this weekend of the new family member. Let's just pray this dog isn't broke like the last one.

Truk and Cashman- Summer 2007

Truk 2007

Spending quality time with the boys, or babysitting as I like to call it. 2007


  1. Oh my. If there's one thing I can sympathize with it's missing dogs! I'm glad you're getting a new pup. Can't wait for pics.

  2. Oh Truk--such a wonderful face! I hope your new dog is everything you're hoping for.

    We have a big collie (like Lassie) and he's just like you're saying: the kids can climb all over him and to him they're really 'his' babies, he watches over them constantly and puts up with any hair-pulling or tying hats on his head or whatever they dish out. But if a stranger walks down our driveway, he'll blow the roof off with his barking.

    I love him so much now I've almost forgiven him for the pound cake he ate before I even had a chance to put the frosting on, when he was only a year old. Naughty big dog.


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