Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Paint Fumes Are Going To My Head

So here it is so far..... This is not the greatest shot, it came out kind of blurry. Probably something to do with the camera being all jacked up. Nevertheless this is it in a very basic state. Nothing on the walls and notice in the picture below, the closet still is not finished. Big surprise.

I would have loved to show ya'll a picture of the super cool curtains I ordered but that is kind of a sore subject. I was outvoted, vetoed, denied. The hubby hated them, Supergrandma didn't even like them. While the hubby said it was an interesting study in contrast and color, maybe something a little more subtle was in order. The only thing I will admit to, was that they didn't look so hot from the outside. So I packaged them back up and mailed them off to the Barn. The Pottery Barn that is. In exchange for some stone or sand ones. Something boring like that. I might have lost the battle, but the war is far from over.

You might think we're getting a bit ahead of ourselves, you know moving the boys in before their closet is finished, but let me show you what their former room looks like right now.

Well you can't really see the destruction. All the trim is off, half the carpet is ripped up, and there is sawdust everywhere from my sanding. I am loving the sander I borrowed from Supergrandma. I feel like I belong on HGTV next to Carter. Rawr.

This room has to be painted, wood work included a week from tomorrow. Carpet is scheduled to be laid then. Sugarbaby is making the big move to her very own room. And mommy and daddy can call their bedroom their own for the first time in 5 years.


  1. I remember the 'having the room all to yourself again feeling'. It's wonderful. And the room looks great.

  2. looking good, busy lady!

    I liked the curtains (but this is coming from a girl who once made astro-turf rugs for her room).


  3. Congratulations! Just don't go too crazy or you won't have your room to yourself for long! hee hee! :)

  4. So sorry about the curtains. I really liked them. I keep looking for a place I could use some curtains like that... no luck.


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