Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm Even Annoying Myself

Am I wearing you out with all the posts today?

Good. I'm just doing a little celebratory overblogging cause sistah got her some DSL. No more frustrating headbanging on keyboard. No more hours spent uploading one picture for your viewing pleasure.

It's so easy now. In fact, here's a Sugarbaby picture for you. Isn't she looking awful toddlerlike?

Notice the black eye. See right there? The right one? When one learns to stand up, one experiences a lot of falling down. Poor baby.


  1. Wow, still beautiful with a black eye? Was that one of those Fairy-Godmother blessings?

    Not to worry about any overblogging. If I could get anything above a hamster-wheel connection, I'd be going crazy too. Enjoy it!!

  2. she does look so grown up! but she cant you know---i have to have your tiny baby to come visit so i dont get preg-nated!


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