Wednesday, March 4, 2009


The kids and I took a break from the demolition and reconstruction to enjoy the first beautiful day we've had since the cold snap hit us hard last week.
We noticed, joyfully, that Spring is just almost here.
The daffodils are gladly making an appearance.
And with it comes an already overgrown flowerbed, begging to be made beautiful.

He is deeply intent on getting that payload hauled off in his bright yellow dump truck.

And Sugarbaby is swinging. Carefree and light as air.


  1. LOVE that car swing!

    Our daffodils are coming up too, though the poor things were snowed on this morning, ugh. Every day brings us closer to spring, and I'm loving that feeling. Your kids' faces capture it pretty well!

  2. I have a pic of Eva in that same swing, at the same age, squealing the same way when we visited for Cashman's first birthday. Remember that? How funny, what a good investment.

  3. No daffodils yet around here, but I can't wait!

    Those pictures are adorable.

  4. Looks like it was a perfect day for outside! Your kids are super cute but you know that.


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