Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Boys Room: More During Pictures

I wish you could really see the color of the room. It's impossible in these pictures to tell but it is a very cool stone/slate blue. The trim and other woodwork is dark. The white you see is where the closet is being constructed.
Not sure if you saw the old light fixture in the before photo but this is the fan I picked out and the hubby installed. I love love love it. Even if it is a little grown up for my little men.

And these beauties. Pottery Barn baby. Spent way too much but they will look fabulous, eh I mean manly.

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  1. I like the colours! Slate and grey-blues have always been a big favourite of mine, especially with shades of brown or copper or bronze. When we're ready to redo Son's room, I'm going to let him pick his own colours...and cross my fingers!

    Dead envious of that light fan too. I wish we had those here, but when we can find them (a rare thing), there's only a choice of two: usually Ugly, and Uglier.

    Can't wait to see the finished room!


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