Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Big Idea

I'm considering adding a weekly feature to the blog and I need a little input. Especially from those non-commenters (you know who you are, Mother). One day a week I want to share a product with you that I can't live without, or just really like, or just want really really badly. Kids stuff, adult stuff, books, kitchen gadgets, whatever tickles my fancy that week. Warning, there will probably be a lot of kids stuff.

So here is my conundrum. I need a name for it and a day of the week to consistently post on. Maybe Friday when everyone gets paid and are more likely to go and purchase reviewed product? Wednesday when everyone is feeling the humpday lull and needs a pick me up? Saturday when you're bored out your mind?

What do ya'll like best:

Stuff That Rocks Saturday

Things That Tickle My Fancy Tuesday

Materialistic Monday

Suggestions please cause none of these are really floatin my boat.


  1. "Tickle My Fancy Tuesday"
    I love it--good day too as most people shop on the weekends.

  2. Fabulous Find Friday?

    Shopping With Sugarbritches?

  3. I believe Materialistic Monday is the most appropriate.

  4. Monday's Must-Have?
    The Thursday Thing?
    Wednesday Wingdingy?
    Wednesday's Wishlist?
    Friday's Fancy?

    I like the idea by the way: good luck!

  5. -Wednesday's Wonderfuls-

    -Tuesday's Testimonial-

    -Monday's Marvolus Gadgets-

    Mother... lol ;)

  6. I like the sound of Wednesday's Wishlist and Shopping With Sugarbritches. The day certainly doesn't matter to me - I'll be reading!

  7. everyone's ideas are good, i have none right now shitty moring has ruined my brain. great idea though


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