Monday, January 12, 2009

The Dog Done Up and Ran Off

So you want to know what I was doing at 6:30 this morning? Running through my backyard with a flashlight in Crocs (of all the footwear I had to be wearing these), pajamas, and no coat looking for the damn dog.

He had really improved last night. He ate. He drank. He looked at us without cowering in the corner. I put him on the leash this morning, took him out to do his business, he slipped out of his collar and hit the road. I yelled and asked him where he was headed and he slowed down for just a second to bark, "Timbuktu" over his shoulder. Hide nor hair has been seen of Jack since. That's fate for ya.

I've been really mad at myself for losing the dog, so I channelled my anger into cleaning. I wanted to channel it into some Xanax, but a la no insurance, no mood elevators. The hubby and I cleaned the garage room (again) and have a whole trailer full of trash to haul to the dump. Not very eco of us I suppose, but not much of it is recyclable, so whatever.

I'm also on a mission to get Sugarbaby sleeping in her own bed and falling asleep without me lying beside her for a gazillion hours. I got a baby monitor (so I don't constantly check on her) and a Sleep Sheep. I'll let you know how this is going later in the week. I'll also let you know if I have any hair left.


  1. Oh no. Maybe if you put flyers up?

  2. oh no! so is he still gone??? :( too sad!
    good luck with the sleeping thing. for reals. heard it's a bitch.

  3. You're KIDDING.

    I hope he's found by someone nice, and that (who knows?) they turn him into the local pound so you can get him back. Good luck!

    Meanwhile, congratulations on getting some cleaning done--that's also on my to-do list, but it's not getting done. Typical.

    I guess I'll count myself lucky that we still have our dog at least?

  4. Dog probably went off to find himself a girlfriend. He'll be back when his two day pas is over.

  5. awww poor jack (and you listening to upset kids) good luck getting that beautiful baby to sleep on her own when you are done maybe you can come train hadlie and uhhh you know... bentley.


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