Saturday, January 10, 2009

This Is Jack

Jack came home with us today. He is a 5 month old Malamute puppy. Before we put Jack in our truck, he was running, playing, acting like a normal dog. The second money exchanged hands and ownership transferred to us, Jack went into shock. Jack has stayed that way.
He won't walk. I've carried all 30+ pounds of him outside just to lay him back on the ground. He won't look at me. He won't move from whatever spot I've plopped his huge butt on. I gave him a bath and then a flea dip. Jack is still in the tub. He has no motivation to eat or drink. On the other hand, he is not the least bit resistant. You can pick him up, drag him, manhandle him any way you please and he won't so much as grunt.
Leave it to me to pick the crazy one.


  1. picked Mama's boy! (My guess anyway,and he's missing her) He's a cutie!

    Big dogs are the biggest babies; ours is a collie also named Jack,and when we were driving him home he cried, then barfed, then wet himself. He's fine now...well by Jack standards he's fine!

    Still a big baby, three years later.

  2. you done pissed that dog off. maybe he will snap out of it. if not are refunds a possibility?

  3. Awww, he's grieving. Stay as close to him as you can, give him lots of petting and cuddles. He'll eventually come around.


    We have a Jack! He's 9 months now, he didn't grieve as much like that but he was a sad boy. So, he got spoiled rotten, now we can't get him out of our bed or lap at 40lbs....

    I hope Jack perks up for ya'll...

  5. How is Jack? 5 months...he will be adjusting to something different, new owners, kids, home. Hang in there.


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