Friday, January 16, 2009

Fabulous Find Friday

That is what I am going with as of now. Subject to change at a moments notice. All the ideas were really good so I almost went with Tickle My Fancy Finds Sugarbritches Shopping for Materialistic Thingys. Too much, no?

Today's Fabulous Find(s) are child (I warned you) and sleep related. Sleep is a huge issue when you have children. How much they sleep, when they go to sleep, will you ever sleep again, and so on. It took four years to get the boys falling asleep without watching movies over and over and over. I accomplished that with a relaxation cd. It claims that it is strictly relaxation exercises and sleepy music. The hubby claims it is hypnosis. Whatever, I claim it worked. But, like all good things, they got bored with it. On to the next best, newer, and better thing.

Introducing...Rockabye Baby. Your favorite classic rock, alt rock, punk rock, etc. rock music set to lullabies. I purchased Led Zeppelin because me and Robert Plant have a love affair that goes back way before I was even born. My boys....LOVE IT.

Other titles to choose from: Radiohead, Coldplay, Metallica, Tool, Pink Floyd, Bjork, No Doubt, Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Pixies, The Beach Boys, The Cure, The Eagles, The Beatles, U2, Nine Inch Nails, The Ramones, Bob Marley, Green Day, Black Sabbath, and The Rolling Stones.

The littlest member of the family needed some sleep assistance too. Bring on the Sleep Sheep. The Sleep Sheep is so soft, so cute, and the best white noise machine in my humble opinion. The time spent laying with Sugarbaby pleading for her to sleep has been cut in half. Pretty soon, I'll put her in her own bed with Sheepy and let him work the magic all on his own. For now, I'm just showing him the ropes.


  1. yay! i want one now for belle, im thinking pixies and of course, bob!!

    i do have to brag-- She has been sleeping in her bed very well, due to the fact my back hurts too much to share. i just emphasized the big girl aspect of it, and she is so, all about being a big girl.

    u should totally get paid to do this

  2. I would have paid through the nose for ANY of that when Redneck was young. 5 yrs old, and he still didn't sleep through the night! Glad to hear they are coming up with things like this that work!

  3. Oh wow. I WANT IT. That's too funny, and a fantastic idea. Another WHY-didn't--I--think-of-that moment LOL.

    Good luck passing the bedtime-baton to Sleep Sheep!

  4. Ms Priss-

    Right? I know. Or at least I should get free stuff.

  5. Why didn't I have that LZ cd when the kids were babies? I have practically every LZ cd....LOVE me the ZEP. :)

  6. awwww to sleep!!! god i miss that, way more than my size zero pants, or my super fun, everyone loves me, party girl life style.


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