Friday, January 16, 2009

2009: In Which I Lost the Dog, Got a Hellacious Chimney Estimate, and Almost Gave the Baby Botulism

Really. Not kidding.

Lost the dog. Didn't have the dog two days. The dog either had mental issues or despised our family on sight. Although, I can't say I blame him. If I hadn't birthed these children and married this husband I might be tempted to run away as well.

Update: I caught the dog. A whole nother post in itself, pictures included, coming soon.

We had a sweep come and clean and inspect our chimney. Our wood stove had been starting to smell funny and the actual bricks in the chimney were seeping tar. I thought it was probably due for a good cleaning. It was and more. Evidently it has been leaking for years, eroding much of the mortar away, cracking the clay tiles on the interior,and so on and so on. We'll just say that it is going to cost well over a grand to fix all the little issues. Can't burn in my wood stove until then. Great.

As a mother, you know not to give honey to a baby under a year old. As a mother of three, sometimes you get distracted and give the baby a few bites of carrot you were cooking just to hold her off long enough until dinner. Then your husband comes in, and knowing your secret sweet carrot recipe, he hollers, "Are you giving her honey?!?!" Damn. Sure did. Spent two days scouring the internets for signs of infant botulism. Convinced myself she was showing symptoms. Bagged up said honey and a diaper of poo and visited the pedi's office. After getting a good laugh out of me wailing about poisoning my child, they assured me that it would be very evident if she had botulism and not to worry. Easy for them to say.

All in all, 2009? Not going so hot.


  1. Congratulations on catching the dog! Was he alive?

    Sorry to hear about the chimney---ours needs looking at too, and now you've got me worried (not your fault, I worry anyhow)

    Speaking of worries, I'm glad Baby doesn't have botulism, but jeez my mother gave me rags dipped in honey and/or whiskey to suck on at night so I'd sleep. She was a good mother generally, a great one...just doing what /her/ mother did.

    Imagine the things they'll be telling OUR children not to do to their kids, that we think nothing of. I can already hear it: "Mom bathed us in UNSTERILIZED TAP WATER. Oh my GAAWWWD."

    I hope 2009 gets better for you soon!

  2. 2009 just started there is still time to turn it around!!! glad/sorry you found the dog depending on your feelings about it. i hate dogs, (i know everyone hates me now) but i have intentionally led a dog away by drivinig really slow and calling it to follow me. he was gone, all freaking day until chase's dumbass came home not knowing what i did and went and found him. he has since changed residencies and i still hate him.

    glad sugarbaby is botulism free, i am a freak about food and what every ingredient is in said food. only because a few could kill bent. family gatherings are hell because i spend the whole day watching like a hawk for someone to hand him something (yes i have ran accross yards and houses screaming "noooo!!!!" like a crazy woman. but even knowing that i have accidently given him things myself that contain allergins only to snatch it away at the final second leaving him in tears.


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