Saturday, January 17, 2009

Animal Trapper Extraordinaire

Remember Jack? Remember how I lost Jack? He has been captured. After running wild in our hamlet for a good three days, I got fed up. He continually returned to our house, howling outside the door, but the moment you'd approach him, he bolted. I left food out, he ate it. But still, couldn't get 20 feet from him before he disappeared. The hubby and I had tried to flush him out of the thicket he was hiding in, but of course, that crafty little puppy outfoxed us. Finally I did the only logical thing and set a trap.

I put the dog kennel on the back patio. I had already been leaving food in it for him, in an effort to condition him to go in there without being suspicious. Notice my bait and the elaborate pulley system I rigged up. Fancy, huh?

I pulled the rope taut and held it with my sliding door in the hopes that once he was inside, I could just barely open the door and jerk the rope simultaneously.

One highly technical, no fail dog trap. I waited most of the morning, peeking out windows, with no luck. Early in the afternoon, just after the kids going down for naps, I saw his shadow through the drapes. I crept over to the door, watched him sniff the cage, the rope, all the while looking very nervous. He knew something was up, but hunger got the best of him. I stood very still with the rope in hand, let him eat for about two minutes then, WHAM! One fluid motion of door and rope and I had him!

End result: A very unhappy captured Jack.

Jack is improving somewhat. He has a better fitting collar. He laid down beside me last night and let me pet him for a good hour. He ate, drank, did his business on a leash. Maybe he has a future after all.
Or maybe I should save up for doggy therapy.


  1. Aawww, wook at hims inna cage!!
    You're a regular McGyver, you are.

    Congratulations on catching him; I'm glad he's feeling better and being petted, and hope everything gets better. Our was a bold wee man too when we first got it a Big Dog thing perhaps?

    Good luck!

  2. Awesome trapping skills Ash. Made me smile!

  3. that is the funniest thing i have read all day

  4. We have a Siberian Husky (close cousin to your malamute) and she is 12 years old and will still run if given the opportunity. If we don't keep up with her or keep her in our sights she is gone. Electric fence companies guarantee their fences for every dog but ours. Their desire to run is too strong and they are so smart and willing to take the shock.

    Sometimes a 6ft fence won't even keep them in. We just have a very long leash....and walk her 3x a day. Good Luck!! :)

  5. hilarious
    omg you so werent kidding about the trap


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