Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Santa's Mighty Big Bag

Have I told you about Moosh In Indy before? I'm sure I have. She's an awesome blogger and she has been chosen as one of the 50 bloggers to participate in The Magic HP's humongous technology giveaway. HP is giving away $6000 worth of computers and software and accessories. Wowzas! That's a lot of loot. This post is my entry into the Moosh's contest and requires that I tell who I would share this prize package with.

For starters, let me just say it would be totally awesome to keep this all to myself. But, that would be totally selfish and not in keeping with the spirit of the holidays. And, I would probably burn in hell for not sharing with a few deserving people I know, and I just really don't like the sound of that. So I'll go ahead and get my selfishness out of the way to make room for the more giving part of my heart.

I would keep for my husband, myself, and the computer literate Monster, the HP Touchsmart IQ816 PC with Windows. I think this would come in super handy when I am composing all these mind blowing blog posts with the touch of a finger while the other hand is occupied with things such as trying to get the airplane in Sugarbaby's mouth, shaking a finger at Cashman for putting his sister's ducky toy in the trash, or helping the Monster master the tricky task of learning to write his alphabet. I would also keep one of the notebooks (either a HP HDX 18 Series Premium Notebook with Windows or a HP Pavilion dv4-1143go Entertainment Notebook with Windows). I'm thinking this could enable me to retire to the recliner in the evenings instead of breaking my tailbone on this bar stool I'm currently occupying. Maybe I should just spend less time on the Internet. Pshaw. Who am I kidding? Lastly I would keep the HP Media Smart Connect, and the Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007. No reason other than I think I could use them more than the other stuff. Okay enough about me. I bet you're tired of me. On to the giving.

I have this friend couple (see I do have friends!) that live in the boondocks same as me. They are a kind, generous family with a darling boy and baby girl. We'll just call them Dick and Jane. Dick and Jane have been married for around three years (hope that's right) and within the last two years they found out that Dick has an incurable kidney disease. I have asked the name of it several times and it escapes me every time I try to remember it. It's a complicated thing. He has undergone biopsies (while awake mind you) and numerous tests. The prognosis is that he will most likely die of this, although they don't know when. His condition is stable at the moment, not getting any worse nor any better. They give him pain meds when it starts to get bad. The guy is only 28 years old with two young children and the whole situation is heartbreaking, especially considering his good humor, all of the time. My good friend Jane is a rock. She is the kind to joke about things that are devastating and they just keep on smiling and saying well at least she won't have to divorce him. Haha. Not. Anyways, Dick works his butt off. Literally. He works more than one shift when he can at one of the factories in town. Jane stays home with the kids, because that is what he wants her to do. On his days off, instead of resting, he plans family activities. This man does not stop. He is an inspiration and did I also mention, he's a gamer. Dude loves his games, and chick loves her some MySpace and blogs. So to my friends Dick and Jane I would give the other notebook, whichever one is better for gaming. I would also give them the HP Photosmart C6380 All In One Printer because Jane loves to take pictures of her babies and where we live, Wal-Mart is not just right down the street. I would also give her the HP564 Value Pack. I'm thinking that all that stuff just might make their Christmas a little more merrier.

What do we have left here to giveaway? Two Kung-Fu Panda DVD's? I would donate those to the library in town. I'm pretty sure they rent DVD's out and they always need donations. Lastly the HP-Mini 1000 series with Windows. This looks like a really cool device but would only be useful to someone who is on the go a lot and does a lot of wireless connecting. If I won, I would give this to whomever Casey thought needed it the most. So Moosh, if I win, this one is yours to giveaway, again.


  1. You have never made me cry up until this moment.I wanted to say thank you.Thank you for thinking of us and thank you for being such a great friend even if you dont feel that you are.I look up to you as a mother and I cherish the time we have togather.Sorry for the sissy girl comment but you got me on this one

  2. Dang, what a giveaway.

    Mega-dang, about your friend. I hope a miracle happens and gets rid of that whatever-he's-got; he's got such a great family and positive outlook that hey, maybe...

    I hope so anyhow.

    Good luck!

  3. awww ash that is so sad, but good for him for living while he is still living and making the most of his time with his wife and kids. hope you all win!!!


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