Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm Counting to Ten

I'm on the verge of getting ticked off.

I use Avent bottles for Sugarbaby. After so many uses/washes whatever they begin to leak. You have to finagle that lid on just right or else. This morning I thought she had set a world record in bottle drinking. Turns out she was soaked through with formula. We did this three times, along with three changes of clothes, and three warm washcloth baths. Makers of Avent, what's up? Can you fix this problem, or at least send me free bottles, or possibly new clothes, a maid would also suffice.

Yesterday the Monster brings home a few notes from Kindergarten. A bunch of yada yada about Christmas festivities, school closings and other stuff they already sent out in the newsletter and in two notes home last month. Included in this was a note from his teacher about the Kindergarten Christmas party and that we should send a wrapped gift and contribute with some type of refreshment. Cool. I totally love to bake, decorate, and just generally put chocolate, sugar, and flour together into some concoction that I can put in my the children's tummies. Unfortunately according to the school, Arkansas law prohibits the bringing of homemade food items to a public school. I Googled this law, couldn't find it. Maybe my Google skills aren't savvy enough. Anyways, that means I am supposed to buy something instead of using what I already have in my kitchen, baking it in my oven Granny's oven, and wowing the under 6 set with my mad Martha Stewart skills. I'm getting a little Grinchy here.
To top it off, and I won't name names, someone never can seem to refill the ice trays. Same goes for rolls of toilet paper. I know, I know. I'm used to it by now, but when I go to have my nightly cocktail after the kiddos are bedded down, I get livid when there is no ice to be had. Isn't this what they invented automatic ice makers for? Husbands who pretend the ice trays weren't empty when they shoved them back in the fridge?


  1. We used Avent for a while when I was pumping at school, they rarely leaked. Maybe the BPA helped with that?!

    Have you tried Adiri's?

    I switched to them after she got out of the hospital because they are so darn cute and they are good for sick babes. We used them alot at Children's when I was interning there. They used to leak some but I heard that has been fixed.

  2. awwww leaky bottles must suck, i would call and complain you will get free stuff. if they won't tell them you posted on your blog with a gazillion readers and won't take it down until they send free shit.

    ok on to the more important things like christmas baked goods...that is the stupidest thing i have ever heard!!! i dreamed of all the awesome cupcakes i would make and wow the kindergarten set, and alas they will stay just dreams...bastards!!! (lawmakers not kindergartners)

  3. I don't know of any law about baked goods and public school. Nevertheless, While I worked with school families for 6 years, I saw some unbelievable things! For me, after those visuals seared my mind, I became happy to see store bought stuff --sealed in a packages-- at parties where my child might consume food. My delusion that store bought could be more safe may be wrong.. but it is my happy place to think of sanitary stainless steel as opposed to what I have observed. I could share some details... but you really don't want to know! This may be one of those blessings in disguise!


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