Sunday, December 7, 2008

I Survived With Most of My Dignity Intact

In an effort to actually do things with the children, I loaded up the circus Friday night and went to town. The KCS Holiday Train was making a stop at the depot and afterwards we were going to watch the town Christmas parade. Now when I say that I loaded up the whole crew, I do mean I alone. The hubby was working, covering a shift for someone who conveniently called in on a Friday night. Hmmmm.

I started out the evening optimistic. I can do this I thought. It's only three kids. One's a baby who can't go anywhere, the eldest will listen and behave because he is scared to death of the consequences (I'm terrifying I tell you), and the middle one...well, he doesn't give a damn. He's the one to watch out for because turn your back for a second and he's commandeered the nearest army tank or decided that yes it would be a blast to shimmy up that drain pipe and play Superman off of the roof. He will be the death of me. As I said, I had high hopes.

The train was scheduled to arrive at 4pm. I pulled into the downtown at 4:10pm. Parking was tough, but in a town with a max population of 8,000 I did okay. I slung Sugarbaby in her Peanut Shell, hip carry style and ordered the boys to hold hands, don't leave my side, or there will be hell to pay. Do you hear me children?! I will embarrass you for the rest of your lives, no one in this town will forget it, if you take one step away from me! You know what? They listened. The stood through the nearly hour wait to board the train without a complaint. They were mesmerized by Santa, his elves (who kind of reeked of booze), and the miniature train set up inside the big train. Kind of redundant I thought, little train inside a big train. But whatever keeps the kiddies happy.

We managed to secure a nice little bench in close proximity to the coffee shop (with the help of people we knew) and settled in to watch the parade. There was a moment when I was carrying Sugarbaby, two hot cups of liquid and daring the unruly crowd of teenagers to separate me from my children, that the fires of hell shown in my eyes. The audacity, the nerve, the outright disrespect. Oh wait, teenagers, I think that says it all. Once the parade got underway, our view was soon blocked by a horde of adults. ADULTS! We fought our way to the front, amidst grumbling middle-agers. Who is the parade for? The children, right. I know that if I came to watch it and I didn't have any children on my being I would graciously step back and look over the munchkins that don't even clear 5 ft. Again, the audacity, the nerve, the outright disrespect. Teenagers. Wait, these were 40 year olds. That I can't explain.

The children shivered as long as they could stand it. Sugarbaby fell asleep sitting upright on my hip. I downed my latte' and drug my crew back to the truck. A parade viewed, Santa had been seen, my mommy duty done. I'm on hiatus until next year and then, it's Daddy's turn.


  1. Kids have no idea what we go through, do they? LOL Hurrah for Daddy's turn!!

    I've noticed people getting ruder and ruder too...and more and more selfish. Shopping crowds seem to be the worst, and December, ugh, full of them!

    If I were Santa, I'd be hitting the booze too this time of year.

  2. i hate people!!! glad you guys had fun and cash didn't shimmy any drain pipes. we went to our town parade sat. and froze our asses off while chase was sitting on the couch but i am pretty used to that.


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