Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Got Old Records in Your Attic? So Do These Guys!

I love shopping. So it would correctly correlate that I love the holiday season because of all the shopping and gift giving. And yes, I enjoy the giving as much if not more than the receiving. It wasn't always that way, but you don't really need to know how spoiled I was, do you?

Finding the perfect gift is difficult, and as in the case of shopping for the hubby, it's near impossible. I tend to frequent Etsy because of the huge selection and reasonable prices on one of a kind items. Also, it doesn't hurt to give my money to local artists instead of China. Remember a few posts ago when I finally found the perfect doll for Sugarbaby? Well, a few weeks ago, I discovered another amazing artist or should I say artists, since it is a husband and wife team. INOUDID's Attic takes used records and turns them into pieces of art. Take a look at the Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy record I ordered for the hubby's Christmas present.

The actual album has been heated and shaped into a bowl, while the jacket has been turned into 9 high quality wooden coasters, complete with little fuzzy feet so they don't slip. I was so impressed with the originality and quality of the set, I had to share these rockin sets with all my music loving readers.

And they have so many to choose from, check out the Janis Joplin bowl and coaster set, and the mega coaster set of 4 featuring The Who.

So go on, check them out. They are sure to have something to suit your tastes with over 90 items in the shop. They also do custom orders. I just solved your gift giving dilemma for the pickiest person on your list. Provided that they like music. And if they don't, why are they on your list anyways?

For a limited time, SugarBritches readers can get 10% off their order from INOUDID's Attic by entering the code SUGAR10 in the notes to seller upon checking out.


  1. Very nice! When we get around to building our own house we've really wanted a den dedicated to classic rock. I plan on framing all of mom's old albums rather than they sit in her closet. This would go well... If I could only decide on one!

  2. Too cool! I have a large stack of old albums that I just couldn't figure out what to do with and couldn't bear to just throw away. hmmm .....maybe they take old albums as trade-in for their products? ;-)

  3. What a brilliant idea for a present! I was just saying to the Mr., 'I wonder what happened to all our old vinyl records?' They disappeared to some charity shop or flea market at some point. This is MUCH better. And what a talking point for a party, too.


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