Thursday, December 11, 2008

If I Blog It, He Will Read and other Randomness

The Monster was on the phone with his Dad (the ex) the other evening. I hadn't gotten around to telling him about the whole Homecoming Crown Bearer thing yet. Not because I didn't want him to know, but because I just had not spoken to him since I found out. So when I heard the Monster say something along the lines of, "Yeah, they picked me for the Homecoming thing.", I thought, now how in the world does he know that? Oh wait! I remember. He reads my blog. So in typical Ashley fashion I acted like a 4 year old, and when the Monster asked his Dad how he knew that, I hollered across the kitchen, "Cause he reads my blog!" Yeah, I am so grown up. Anyways, true to typical Monster fashion he adopts this accusing voice and says, " Why do you read my mom's blog?" Gosh I love that kid. Of course I can't be too irritated, because as the ex pointed out to me once, if you put it on the Internet, anyone can read it. So true.


We wrote our letter to Santa last night. It went something like this:

Dear Santa,
I want a big Hot Wheels Track for me and Cashman to share. I also want a castle. My brother Cashman wants a pirate ship. My sister Sugarbaby wants a music piano toy and my sister Auti wants little dolls to play with.
The Monster

Castle, check. Pirate ship, check. Music piano toy, check. I like to give Santa a little help by directing the letter to him with what he already has stashed in the closet has in his toy bag. You know, doing my part to keep the magic alive!


In Cashman news, he has adopted a theme song. It goes: "My name is Weinerman. I like to dance. I like to dance dance dance with no pants." I think he is watching way too much Yo Gabba Gabba. Which is a pretty creepy show and I used to change the channel anytime it came on, but I forgot one to many times and now the kid likes it. Seriously, DJ Lance, if you're reading this, just go ahead and open the closet door and come on out. Nobody is gonna take away your show, but I would appreciate it if you could wear a larger size in your bright orange jumpsuit. I don't like seeing your junk every time you dance. K? Thx.

And if you need to get your Sugarbaby fix, well here you go. She's sitting pretty with her best bud A.L. who is three months younger than her, but outweighs her by a few pounds. Looks like J and I will have our hands full with these two.

Just a random pic of the boys playing in the leaves. Wouldn't want them to feel left out.


  1. Well, obviously he reads your blog. It's a GREAT blog!

    I want a pirate ship too. Funny--that was one of those things that was on my list for years as a kid, and for some reason I *still* want one. But I can't convince my son to ask Santa for it...dang! He's definitely a cars man.

    Also a dance-with-no-pants man, admittedly. Boys! What can we do with them??

  2. Ok, he is spyin' by reading your blog! That is so dumb--most NORMAL guys I know dont even check their own email regularly nor do they care about their ex's (or current SO's) creative outlet---what a silly silly boy. So, he is probably reading this--HI!!!!!

    Anyway, on to much more fabulous things---holy fat freakin baby! Precious much? But with all do respect, yours is winning in the most-cute-perfect baby contest (of course trailing miss belle HAHA)

    Now that I have written you a novel, love ya girl!)

  3. Adorable kids. Can I borrow one for an hour to get rid of my aching ovaries? :D

  4. why doesn't the ex comment? you should start spilling his secrets until he does.
    bent listed some thomas trains he "neeeeeds santa to bring" and i frantically fought people on ebay until i got them. then the punk kept adding to the list so finally i hauled his butt to the mall to tell santa what he wanted so i could stay off ebay.
    pirate ships are fun bent (and had) love his.
    and holy cute babies!!!


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