Friday, December 5, 2008

Things The Monster Does

Traveling to GG's a few weeks ago, Supergrandma and I began playing a word game with the Monster to keep him occupied. I asked the question, "What's the fastest way to travel?" I expected him to say jet plane or spaceship. His answer: "The shortcut". The sharpness of that kid could cut metal.


Got a call from the high school this morning. They said they were calling about my son the Monster. Oh no. Why is the high school calling? Is he so smart they skipped elementary completely? Do I have the next Doogie on my hands? Nope. He has been chosen to be the crown bearer for the Homecoming Court in January. No football in this little town, so our Homecoming is for basketball. Looks like I'll be renting his first tux and taking it out of his allowance. Damn him for being so cute and charming. It's gonna cost me more money than I thought.


  1. Wow, how sweet! Good luck getting the tux, and congratulations on such a photo opportunity and fun thing to do for someone so young: I'd be thrilled!

  2. He will be the cutest little crown bearer ever!


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