Saturday, November 29, 2008

It Could Have Been Worse

Today we went for our four generation photo shoot. Our photographer also happens to be my hubby's aunt and she is extremely talented, patient, and understanding. Clicking that link will show you just a few of our shots and jillions of others she has done for very pleased customers.

The morning started off a little rough with a tiff between the hubby and I, unexpected guests, a little girl's nap not going as scheduled, and wardrobe changes. Sugarbaby had not thrown up since the evening before and had kept down at least 4 bottles and a bowl of mush. Cashman had thrown up that morning, after I warned the hubby not to give him milk. He did and the kid threw up. Go figure.

We arrived at the studio with Sugarbaby decked out in the most adorable sweater dress, leggings, and t-strap shoes you ever did see. She was perfect. We got inside, got GG and Supergrandma positioned, settled Sugarbaby on Supergrandma's lap, put me in the back and waited for our professional to start clicking. Just as she got the lights adjusted and began to take aim, it happened. Projectile vomiting from Sugarbaby. All over her dress and Supergrandma's leg. I had no idea so much could come out of such a small person. The looks on our faces must have been priceless, and if only she had clicked the shutter at that moment, I would post the pic of the act as it was happening. It's Murphy's law you know. First a rescheduled session then a pukey baby. If it's gonna happen, it will happen to us.

But life goes on and so do photo shoots. Sugarbaby was cleaned, changed, and the pictures were taken. The End.


  1. Oh no! LOL I love her timing, waiting until just the *right* moment to spew. Kids are wonderful. And you're right, it could have been worse. (Though I hate to imagine that!)

    Good luck with the photos: how nice it will be to have all four generations together in one picture!

  2. ROFL

    Hey, I tried not to laugh, but you are such a good writer the picture you painted was too good.

    You should have taken a pic of the aftermath!

    Most of all I sure hope Sugarbaby is better.

    Our middle daughter had projectile vomiting... pretty much from birth. We had to be very careful not to feed her too much.

    The doctors said there was this gizmo in her throat area that they could surgically repair or she may out grow it.

    We opted to wait rather than cut open our little baby girl.

    She eventually outgrew it. But man, she cold shoot three to four feet it seemed!

    Almost like the early stages of cottage cheese. :)

  3. OH NO!!!I was going to come by today to bring your birthday card that i forgot to stick in your mailbox.Looks like ill wait a week or so..Hope you guys get to feeling better soon

  4. ok i am so dumb but where is the link??? hope everyone is feeling better and you avoid getting it, puking sucks!!

  5. FOUND IT again i am so dumb. great pics though!!


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