Saturday, October 25, 2008

To Do:

Finish this post. Change a diaper. Miss my Monster. Help a friend. Hurt a friend. Lose a friend. Kiss Sugarbaby. Vacuum the rug. Hug a tree. Finish this post. Turn off the TV. Kiss Cashman. Think about the Monster. Flush the toilet. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Listen to John Lennon. Slice a lemon. Love one man the rest of my life. Be responsible for my own actions. Wash a plate. Channel surf. Grow up. Make the bed. Get gas. Cry. Color a picture with Cashman. Take the blame. Practice yoga. Boil water. Finish this post. Go for a drive. Mop the floor. Shop. Look at the stars. Alter reality. Feed Sugarbaby. Call my mom. Shower. Peel a banana. Kiss my husband. Wonder about the Monster. Paint a room. Write a sentence. Take a picture. Watch life. Finish this post. Crack a joke. Move furniture. Feed fish. Paint nails. Cook dinner. Balance checkbook. Make coffee. Call Lindsay. Close door. Fold a blanket. Laugh. Change batteries. Change sheets. Water plants. Leave tip. Be nice. Sweep porch. Make love. Make snack. Discipline children. Forget about it. Stop worrying. Wish. Read. Pray. Finish this post. Wash truck. Light candle. Mend pants. Shred cheese. Firewood. Be silent. Cry, again. Stay out of it. Hold Sugarbaby. Listen to Cashman. Miss Monster. Hug husband. Love them all. Finish this post.

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