Monday, October 27, 2008

Dear Reader,

Drama drama drama. Oh lordy. I haven't been in the middle of this much shit talking since Senior year. Note to self: women are crazy, you can't trust a one of them, and evidently my ass is the size of a barn, at least that is the word around town. That's pretty crazy that the whole town is talking about my ass, even if it is in an unflattering light. I mean that many people care enough about my ass to bring it up? Amazing. I'll have to work on getting it down to the size of a shed instead of a barn. Or maybe an outhouse. Would an ass the size of an outhouse be hawt?

Which brings me to the topic of this post. No, not asses. Female friendships.

I'm one of those girls that get along with guys better than other girls. It seems those girls are around every corner. A dime a dozen. I can't even attempt to strike up a friendship with a new female without discovering that she is one of those girls. With all these girls who like guys better than girls type of women in the world, are there actually any girls who get along with each other? Sure. There has to be. I've just never met any.

I'll admit, I'm a tough cookie. I generally don't like people out of my circle and over the years my circle has shrunk dramatically. And due to all this drama my circle really got smaller. Lost a few more crazies, thank goodness. I have never been very trusting or real with a female save for one. My sister.

I didn't meet my sister until I was 22. She was 16. I knocked on the door of her brother's apartment and she answered. She was short, cute, Sublime hat tipped sideways on her head, long dark hair, and a sullen look on her face. In a word, she was a bitch. She looked me up and down then turned around dismissively motioning for her brother to come to the door.

I didn't see her again until her brother and I had moved in together. The Monster was in need of a sitter while I was waitressing in the evenings and I figured she didn't have anything better to do. I called her, she said sure, I picked her up, we've been sisters ever since.

Outside of my mother and grandmother I have never had a bond with a female like I have with Ada. We are exactly 5 years apart in age, nearly to the day, her birthday is the day after mine. Our similarities don't end there. I can always count on her to have the same taste, opinions, outlook, etc. You might think all this alikeness would make it hard for us to get along but its quite the opposite. Sometimes I feel we were separated at birth, but then that would be weird considering I married her brother. The point is, over the past 4 years she has become the best friend I really never had as a teenager. She has grown and matured, made mistakes, made me mad, made me cry, make me crack up and now she is about to go through the toughest phase of her life. Becoming a mother is a wild ride and despite her young age I know she can handle it.

Ada has proven herself countless times as being the best Aunt my kids could ask for. She loves her niece and nephews fiercely and its obvious what a good mother she will be just by how deeply she cares for them. I want her to know how much I appreciate all she has done. The countless times she has let me vent about life, all the laughs we have shared, and the memories we have made. Our bond just continues to strengthen.

So here is to you Ada (virtual glass raising toast) I look forward to all the years to come and wish you a happy healthy pregnancy and safe delivery of my new niece (or nephew). Cheers!

Auntie SugarBritches

P.S. I must insist on being called Auntie instead of Aunt. This is imperative and I won't answer unless the right name is used.


  1. awww i am glad you have such a kickass sister in law and that you get to be an aunt (is this the 1st niece or nephew?) and i am sorry that your ass is the size of a barn you really should downsize to at least a small shed!!! don't you love small town life

  2. At least you have an town talks about Adrienne and her lack of an ass..I'm so skinny I must be really miserable and throw up my just to appease those people when they see me eat I make a b-line for the bathroom directly afterwards...LOL. Famous in a small town honey.

  3. Youth. I don't miss it at all. As you get older, you will realize that people like that are insecure, jealous, and thrive on misery & gossip. Be glad you are better than that.


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