Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Problem Solved

Remember this post? You know, the one where I whined about my unruly hair and how I was going to be lost without my Chi? Well...I take all that back. Evidently my Chi is working just fine, my bathroom outlet not so much.

So I guess I'll be doing my do in the bedroom from now until the Hubby takes apart the outlet and attempts to fix it. And no you helpful people, we tried all the breakers and that is not the problem. I suppose I could fix my mane in the boys bathroom but no thanks. I can hardly go in there to help them take a bath, much less spend an hour in there on my hair. Who knew little kids could stink so much?


  1. Glory be! Now I can stop the fundraiser I was putting together for you. LOL I'm glad you found out it wasn't the pricey gadget after all.

  2. You have such pretty hair! I used to have long pretty hair and then I cut it all off. Sigh. Don't let hubs electrocute himself. Then he'll need to use the flat iron.

  3. Haha, your boys bathroom thing reminds me of a story.

    We have a good friend who has three boys. Their mom was constantly complaining about their dirty, stinky bathroom.

    I have a carpet cleaning business so have a great deal of knowledge with odors and their causes etc.

    I had them go down to the store and buy a black light. Then had them bring all three boys into the bathroom and have them stand near the toilet. Turn on the black light and then (at night) turn off the bathroom light.

    YIKES! The place looked like one of those CSI shows. The black light makes the ureah in the urine "glow."

    It grossed the boys out so much that THEY didn't even want to use their bathroom. lol

    After it was cleaned they did a much better job keeping it clean.

  4. thank god faulty wireing is the problem not the beloved chi!!! just kidding glad it is something small and inexpensive and the hubbys problem not yours

  5. Sis- pricey gadgets are the only thing holding me together, but thanks for the fundraiser, you can still send the dough my way.

    Shania-thanks girl! It takes a lot of work to accomplish it but hey, gotta look good for the UPS guy.

    Mssc54-my boys would probably find their mess hilarious. You know, they fart on each other and think poop is funny. So glad I don't have a penis.

    Suz-No matter what it is, it's always his problem. Whether he has to fix it or listen to me bitch about it. Poor guy.


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