Friday, October 24, 2008

The Cat's Out of the Bag

So yeah! Congratulations to me! I get to be an Auntie Sugar Britches now. My little sis, Ada, is knocked up expecting. The boys and Sugarbaby will be welcoming a cousin in May. We think. Well, we'll find out soon. So be expecting spontaneous baby news sprinkled throughout my posts cause I sure love me some babies.


  1. Tell her congrats! I didn't know! You two need to send some of your hyper-fertile baby dust my way.

  2. Wow! So her greatest, hardest, sweetest journey of life has already begun... Motherhood... can't be explained, can it? only experienced. I pray she gives her whole beautiful heart to the journey ahead. What Joy! What fear! What a challenge it is to survive loving anyone quite that much. IF your reading Ada... anything , anytime, call me.


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