Monday, October 20, 2008

More Blog Please.

I used to have a pretty lengthy list of blogs that I frequented. During and after the move I got behind in my blog stalking and truly missed reading what these bloggers had to say on a daily basis. It is such a strange sensation, peering into complete strangers lives, through a blog. It is also hard to explain blogging to people who don't read them or even care to.

One of my favorite bloggers just said it best in her most recent post. Huckdoll said and I quote, "A friend once told me that we are writers, not diarists. We don't journal our day-to-days, we write substance and that's what separates the good blogs from the mediocre ones."

Substance. She is so right. While I can't claim that my blog is anything more than mediocre, I can say that I strive for substance. I don't always achieve, but hey, give me an A for effort.

I am going to re up my blogroll to give you my readers, ahem reader, access to some of the best bloggers I have come across. They have substance people! And even though some of them do journal things on a day to day basis, they make it entertaining, enjoyable, they write in a way that you can not just glimpse their lives, but feel them too.

But for now, go visit Huckdoll. I guarantee you won't find another blogger like her, and its like a really good high, you just keep wanting more.

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  1. hey i was just going to tell you to go to to see new pics of the kids, i am not cool enough for a blog. btw i love your tag on this post too funny.


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